The New York Arts Practicum seeks MICA students for the summer…

The New York Arts Practicum is a summer arts institute where participants experientially learn to bridge their lives as art students into lives as artists in the world. The program is structured around apprenticeships with mentor artists, a critique seminar where participants produce work without access to their institutional facilities, and site visits to artist workspaces, galleries, and museums. For a program overview, visit our website (, and watch a new video interview between mentor Jen Liu and her mentee Christopher Willauer (
The program is for both advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and recent graduates.

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MICA Photo wishes all of you and your families a safe and Happy Thanksgiving holiday. Give thanks, spread peace, and be safe !

MICA Photo Thanksgiving Hours:

Wednesday November 25        8:30AM – 6:30PM

Thanksgiving                                     CLOSED

Friday November 27                           CLOSED

Saturday November 26                      CLOSED

Sunday November 27                         CLOSED

Monday November 28                       OPEN normal hours (8:30Am-10:30PM)

2nd Annual “Aperture Visiting Artist” Bruno Ceschel is offering a workshop…register TODAY!


MICA Photo is pleased to welcome Aperture visiting artist, Bruno Ceschel, and to announce his recent publication of his new book (Aperture) “Self Publish, Be Happy: A DIY Photobook Manual and Manifesto”

Bruno will be conducting a two day workshop event while he is here that will take place on February 25 – 26th. He will also be doing an artist talk for the photo department during the evening on Thursday, February 25th. We are posting this information early so that we can encourage all who are interested to pre-register for the workshop. Space is limited to 15 due to the scope of the workshop so sign up today.

Pre-register for the workshop following these criteria:
  • Application will be comprised of a cover letter, resumé, and samples of work (5 pieces)
  • Combine above criterion into a single pdf file (use Adobe Acrobat)
  • Submit all above items in a single file via dropbox at:

For the workshop the participants will need:

– Their laptop (and if they don’t have a laptop, a computer)
– A selection/edit of  (15-20) photographs they want to make into a book. Ideally, in the form of small photographic prints or printouts. It is ok also if they present them as a digital slideshow.

Each participant will be asked to present his/her project to the class on the first day.
– Low-res jpegs of ALL the photos of the series they want to make into a book.
– If their book project has other components (text, documents, drawings, etc), bring them to the workshop (digitised ideally).
– Photobooks they like and want to use as reference for thier own book project
– If they know how to use In-Design please come with the software installed in their laptop
– If they don’t know how to use In-Design please download the free Blurb book design software and install it on their laptop.
If registered students have a photo class during the workshop period, they will be excused for the workshop. If they have a class outside the department, they will have to discuss this with their faculty to cover any missed assignments and/or classwork.


Self Publish, Be Happy is an organization founded by Bruno Ceschel in 2010 that collects, studies and celebrates self-published photobooks through an ongoing program of workshops, live events and on/offline projects. Self Publish, Be Happy has organised events at a number of institutions around the world, including Tate Modern, The Photographer’s Gallery, ICA, Serpentine Galleries, C/O Berlin, Aperture Foundation and Kunsthal Charlottenborg amongst others.

Self Publish, Be Happy London-based collection contains more than 2,000 publications.

Self Publish, Be Happy is the physical manifestation of a worldwide online community formed of a new and ever-evolving generation of young artists, who experiment, stretch and play with the medium of photography.

The partnership between MICA Photo and Aperture Magazine is a continuing two year collaboration designed to enrich our current program of study at MICA while giving our students unique opportunities to meet with, and collaborate on projects, with a series of visiting artists. Aperture and MICA…working together for the future of photgraphy

“Baltimore: Block by Block, A Work in Progress” exhibition opens Dec. 1

Baltimore: Block by Block, A Work in Progress

12/1/ – 1/8/16

Opening Reception: 12/4 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Pixilated Federal Hill

Print Sale: 12/8 6pm – 10pm


422-426 Old Town Mall [Gay Street], 2010 ~ ©James Singewald
Baltimore: Block by Block, A Work in Progress is an extension of James Singewald’s graduate thesis, Baltimore: A History, Block by Block, at MICA in which he photographed every building on Old Town Mall (formerly Gay Street) in East Baltimore, researched the history behind the neighborhood, how it declined, and what is being planned for its future. The show is being held at: Pixilated Federal Hill
Using a 4×5 view camera and Fujichrome Velvia slide film, James has photographed ten main Baltimore streets, building by building, block by block. So far he has documented approximately 75 city blocks (including Old Town Mall) with about 525 images.
James Singewald was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. He moved to Philadelphia in 1998 to attend the University of the Arts where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography. In 2008, he moved to Baltimore where he received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photographic and Electronic Media from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Graduate Studies seeks freelance photographers for events…


The Graduate Studies Office has a number of student exhibitions and studio events to be documented this Fall and Spring – and we would like your help! This year, we hope to engage a “student photographer pool” of 3-4 students who are interested in documenting events and capturing great images and would agree to be “on call”.

Selected students in the “photographer pool” could expect to shoot approximately 3 events during the year, delivering 15-20 finished images per event. Each assignment can be planned weeks in advance to accommodate your schedule. 

This is an opportunity for your work to be featured on a world-wide platform. MICA continues to grow, and promotion of our programs are an integral part of that growth. Join the team that will help tell our story around the world.

  • This is a paid position. Graduate Studies will pay $15 hourly for shooting the event and preparing image files. We estimate each event will take 4 hours in total. Payment will be made per event, upon delivery of the finished and approved files. 
  • We anticipate each event will take approximately one hour to shoot.
  • Photographers will supply their own camera equipment (either owned personally or borrowed from MICA).
  • Students will have two weeks following the event / exhibition to submit files to the Office of Graduate Studies

    Contact info:

    Catherine O’Connell
    Project Coordinator, Graduate Studies
    Maryland Institute College of Art
    131 W. North Ave.
    Baltimore, MD 21201

Baltimore City Council President seeks a MICA photo intern ….


The office of City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young is seeking a photography intern to take photographs of the Council President at the various events he attends throughout the week including ribbon cutting ceremonies, tours, press conferences, and announcements across the city. This is a great opportunity to get photojournalistic experience, get a solid line on your resumé, and get to see and network with the people who run our local government.

The intern would be compensated for travel and receive a stipend for their internship. A camera can be provided if the student doesn’t have one. This opportunity is being offered for junior and senior photography students. A listing is available on the MICA network. Resume, portfolio link, and cover letter should be sent to



Photo courtesy of The Baltimore Sun

The Wilgus Collection finds a future home at SMU


MICA Photo would like to recognize the long and dedicated careers of Jack and Beverly Wilgus, and their passion for collecting, documenting, archiving, and eventually teaching and lecturing about their extensive collection of early and current photographic history. Jack Wilgus served as the Chair of the Photography Department at MICA, and is the namesake of “The Wilgus Gallery” located in the Photo Dept.

It is with honor that we now announce that Jack and Beverly Wilgus have decided that they want a permanent home for their collection of photographic history to be housed as an accessible learning tool for all. Below is a quote from Jack making the announcement on Facebook:

“We built our collection as a history of photography teaching collection. In doing so we also learned many important things ourselves that can only be had by dealing with original photographic images and objects. As collectors we need to think about how our collections will survive after we can no longer take care of them. Beverly and I have made the decision to eventually give our collection to the DeGolyer Library at SMU (Southern Methodist University – Dallas, TX), where it can continue to be used as a teaching collection. We feel that as collectors we have a responsibility to maintain, care for, and plan the deaccession of the significant parts of our collection.”  – Jack Wilgus

Congratulations and continued best wishes to Beverly and Jack. Your generous decision will benefit instructors and students for many years to come.


~ Photo Courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine

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