Check out MICA Photo’s Julia Kruger’s work on “The Ones We Love” website!

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The Ones We Love is an intimate platform for upcoming photographers from around
the world to portray the people they love, cherish, and find inspiration within.

New Humanisms Press presents a new photo bookwork by MICA Photo alumni, Shannon LaRue, available for purchase August 5 at Go ahead and turn this up and watch in HD! I’d like to thank Matthew Thompson for shooting, and Micah E. Wood for that score. You guys are the best!

Check out this great article about MICA Alumni, Alex Wein 2012, and Rob Brulinski in Feature Shoot Magazine!

“When self-subscribed “cartography enthusiast” and “crypto-anarchist,” Rob Brulinski, moved into a Baltimore factory once owned by the inventor of the bottle cap, he was ready to be freed from the daily grind of office life at an engineering firm. Brulinski — who’s primarily a photographer, travel writer, and online editor for Blood of the Young these days, and who documents American culture with a discerning eye — turned to creative partner and photographer Alex Wein, who was in search of a thesis project in his last year at the Maryland Institute College of Art. They planned to start a photo studio together at the defunct factory-turned-artist-residence, The CopyCat, but what ensued was a photo series that allowed them to see deeper into the lives of their artist neighbors.”

Interesting article about another side to the Vivian Maier story which brings up issues with how unpublished photographs are treated after a photographer dies.

click here to read more.

click here to read more.

“After viewing more than 20,000 of Maier’s negatives and prints, a different photographer emerged for me than the one first presented by John Maloof. I feel intensely uncomfortable with the way that he has presented her personal belongings alongside her photographic history — putting her shoes on display, and laying out her blouses in his movie, for example. I think he’s done a good job of transforming her into a cult figure and fetishizing her objects follows that model. I don’t know how any of that would fit into a traditional concept of an archive.” -Pamela Bannos



Check out this piece about MICA Alumni, Emily Mason 2014, in seeBlog magazine!

Did you find photography or did photography find you?

“Photography sort of found me. My parents were always avid photo album collectors, I loved looking through their old glossy color prints of these captured memories. We also kept a lot of home videos, tons of plotless, mundane scenarios played out and made into vivid memories I realistically wouldn’t remember otherwise. It’s strange being able to watch yourself throughout different times of your life and truly have no recollection or connection to the person on the screen. These concepts left me striving for the reevaluation/reconstruction of memories. This has led me to the work I make today.” -Emily Mason

MICA Photo’s Regina DeLuise has work in a group show “ta hiera” at the Bonni Benrubi Gallery!



Bonni Benrubi Gallery was founded in 1987 on the upper east side of New York City. Since its inception, the Gallery has specialized exclusively in photographs and continues to do so to this day. The gallery focus is contemporary photography both emerging and mid career. The stable of artists includes such established masters as Jed Devine, Laura McPhee, Simon Norfolk, Matthew Pillsbury and Massimo Vitali.

We have a strong commitment to our artists and have worked with galleries and institutions around the world to establish their careers. Most of our artists have had extensive museum activity, monographs, critical acclaim and important recognition from the international collecting community. The gallery assists both beginning and veteran collectors in locating, buying and selling work of photographers both within our stable and beyond.

The gallery moved to the Fuller Building at 41 East 57th Street in 2004 to an expanded space and facility. Please feel free to contact us for more information or visit the gallery. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10AM to 6PM.


Rescource Magazine has made a list of 30 of the best Photography Shows this summer all over the country!


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