Sheila Heti, “This is Me, This is My Work,” Monday October 27th

From the Office of Academic Services:


“This is Me, This is My Work,” a talk by Sheila Heti

Monday, October​ 27 at 7PM
MICA’s Fred Lazarus IV Center Auditorium, 131 W North Ave, Baltimore.

Sheila Heti, a Canadian author, editor and playwright. She describes her most recent book How Should a Person Be? as a composition of constructed reality, based on recorded interviews with her friends, particularly the painter Margaux Williamson. It was chosen by The New York Times as one of the 100 Best Books of 2012 and by James Wood of The New Yorker as one of the best books of the year. It was also included on year-end lists on Salon, The New Republic, The New York Observer, and elsewhere.

Sponsored by the MA Program in Critical Studies

Artist Talk: Colette Veasey-Cullors, Thursday, Oct. 23rd, 7pm in Main 010

Exchange Students for Study Abroad Panel: Monday, November 3rd from 12-1pm in Brown 413

From Cassandra Krumbholz, Assistant Director of Off-Campus Study, International Affairs:


We have partnerships with some fantastic colleges globally, and students who study abroad often grow as a person and as an artist, get to experience life in a new city, and gain invaluable new perspectives on their work.  However, it can be challenging to convince students to step outside their comfort zones and attend schools that bear little resemblance to MICA, academically or institutionally.  To that end, we have enlisted several of our exchange students to speak on a panel discussing their home institutions and answering student questions about their home countries.

The students come from a number of  our partner schools, including Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, LUCA School of Arts in Belgium, Hamburg University of Applied Science, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and Konstfack in Sweden.  MICA students are eligible to attend each of these schools on exchange and also others (we have over 30 programs).

Exchange Students for Study Abroad Panel; Monday, November 3rd,  12-1pm, Brown 413

For more information or questions regard this event, please contact Cassandra Krumbholz at 410.225.2243 or

Photo Department Closing at 7pm on Saturday, October 25th.

Due to the annual MICA Halloween Party on Saturday, October 25th, the Photography Department will be closing at 7pm.  If you need to come in to work, please come early that day.

The department will be back to normal operating hours on Sunday, October 26th.

Fall Break Information – Oct. 17 – 22nd

From the Office of Communications:

Dear MICA Community:

Fall Break begins this Friday evening, October 17, and continues until the morning of Wednesday, October 22. As a reminder, there will be changes on campus regarding hours and services. Students are encouraged to check with specific departments, services and studios to determine when facilities will be available (note that all campus phone numbers are available online at In general, however, please be aware:

  • Residence halls will continue to stay open.
  • Graduate students will continue to have 24-hour studio access in the Fred Lazarus IV Center and other graduate studios and collaborative workspaces (ID required).
  • All other campus studio buildings will close early each night at 11 p.m. (instead of 3 a.m.) through Monday, October 20. Normal hours will resume on Tuesday, October 21.
  • The Evening Safety Shuttle will run until midnight Friday, October 17 through Monday, October 20. Normal hours will resume on Tuesday, October 21. All shopping and MICA PLACE shuttles will run as scheduled.
  • Meyerhoff House Dining Room will remain open for brunch and dinner throughout the break, including Saturday, October 18 and Sunday, October 19. Brunch and Dinner service will be available on Monday, October 20 and Tuesday, October 21. Cafe Doris hours will be limited, opening from 8 a.m.- 2 p.m. on Monday, October 20 and Tuesday, October 21. Java Corner will be closed during the break. Glace Grill will be closed Friday, October 17 through Monday, October 20, but will reopen Tuesday, October 21 with normal hours.

Enjoy the Fall Break.

MICA Office of Communications

Check out an Interview with Tommy Bruce (Photo ’14) for Wavepool

Excerpt from the Interview:

Tommy Bruce / Fogging my glasses to make the world look different

Tommy Bruce /
Fogging my glasses to make the world look different

Wavepool – Can you introduce your ongoing documentary project Funny Animal People? Where do you see the project going in the future?

Tommy Bruce – Funny Animal People is an ongoing photographic and written documentary project focused on the Internet subculture of the Furry Fandom. For the last few years I’ve been investing myself in the community and tracking my experiences at conventions, meet-ups and all types of furry events. I am interested in the furry community as a site of social transgression and intense identity construction. The community holds an important place in my own sense of identity, and I have taken it as my duty to construct an image that accurately represents the complexity and importance I have observed and experienced within it. …

Check out the rest at  Tommy’s website is

Great Interview with Chrissy Fitchett about studying abroad

Here is an interview of Chrissy Fitchett (Photo ’15) from the Office of International Affairs discussing her study abroad experience.


Taken from the International Affairs newsletter:

Chrissy Fitchett   Senior Photo Major Culture and Politics Minor InterLink Mentor Study Abroad Participant

Chrissy Fitchett
Senior Photo Major
Culture and Politics Minor
InterLink Mentor
Study Abroad Participant

Where did you study abroad?
I studied abroad in Nepal and Northern India.  Most of the time I was based out of Boudha, which is a Tibetan community in Kathmandu, Nepal.

What was one of your biggest takeaways from this experience?
One of the biggest take aways I had from my semester abroad were the relationships I formed.  My Tibetan host family in particular made a huge impact on me.  Being welcomed with so much love into someone’s home was a very touching experience that taught me a lot about humility, generosity, and to be honest, just generally about being a good human being.  My host family truly feels like family to me now, and I’m still regularly in touch with them.  Being away from the comforts of home definitely had its ups and downs though.  Living in a developing country added another layer to the challenges of studying abroad, especially with trying to schedule homework time around power cut offs and availability.  Overall, living abroad taught me a lot about creative problem solving and how to be very independent.  I studied abroad with SIT, which stresses the importance of becoming culturally literate in your host country so that you can be basically self-sufficient.  The last month of the program was completely independent.  After navigating apartment hunting and conducting research in a foreign country, I now feel pretty confident that I can live alone abroad in the future, which is really satisfying.

How has study abroad affected your artwork?
My study abroad experience has been pretty transformative to my personal and professional goals.  I chose the program because of an interest that I had in refugee studies and the Tibetan diaspora in particular.  The SIT program was actually a wholly academic program, so all my photography work was independent.  It was really refreshing to be in such an academically rigorous program that gave me the space to do field research.  It was a great change of pace from studio work at MICA.  The opportunity to live in such an influential hub of the Tibetan community of Nepal and conduct interviews was really incredible and definitely cemented my interest in Tibetan Studies.  My thesis work right now is a photo-documentary about first generation Tibetan Americans, so my study abroad experience was very relevant and is still informing the work I’m producing currently.

What is InterLink?
InterLink is a really cool program MICA offers through International Affairs to help connect international students with the MICA community.  In addition to being available as a resource for any questions international students might have, anyone can join me and the three other mentors at weekly events on campus.  Even though the InterLink program is designed for international students, anyone is welcome to come along!  I think it’s a really great program because it focusses on connecting students to the really great events that are already going on around campus.  Especially as a Freshman, I was personally really hesitant to attend events unless I had a group of friends to go with me.  InterLink provides that community, so you don’t have to feel intimidated that you might not know anyone at the event.

MICA Office of International Affairs
Bunting 200


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