Kodak re-introduces fast 35mm film

It’s Baaaaaaaaack…!


Kodak just announced it is going to produce T-Max 3200 35mm film again. “Darkroom photography is making a comeback, and B&W Film sales are clearly on a positive trajectory. Given these very encouraging market trends, we believe P3200 TMZ will be a great addition to our lineup”. – Dennis Olbrich, President of Kodak Alaris Paper, Photo Chemicals and Film

Sales will begin in March…get out in that low light and take some pictures!

Exhibition reception tonight!

“Half a World Away”, Zeina Zeitoun’ s exhibition reception tonight…


MICA Photo would like to remind you of the exhibition reception tonight in the Wilgus Gallery. Please come see the new work by Zeina Zeitoun produced as a result of her winning the Chairs Award last year. Come meet the artist…!

“Half a World Away” – Zeina Zeitoun

Thursday, February 22nd

7:00PM in the Wilgus Gallery

Ground Floor of the Main Building

1300 W. Mount Royal Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21217


Call for Entries

“New York Arts Practicum” is seeking applicants for Summer 2018…


New York Arts Practicum 

Call for Applications 

Deadline: March 12, 2018


Applications are being accepted for the 2018 New York Arts Practicum, a summer arts institute where participants experientially learn to bridge their lives as art students into lives as artists in the world. The program is structured around apprenticeships with mentor artists, a critique seminar where participants produce work without access to their institutional facilities, and site visits to artist workspaces, galleries, and museums.

The intensive eight-week program offers participants a structured environment to experience the challenges of life as an artist. Mentees work in their mentor’s studio two to three days per week, meet Monday and Tuesday evenings for a critique seminar, and convene on Fridays for site visits in artist studios, galleries, and museums. Past participants have called the experience “demystifying,” “life changing,” and an “inspirational reality check.”

Want to learn more? Join program director Michael Mandiberg for a Google Hangouts info session on February 26 at 7:30PM EST. RSVP to info@artspracticum.org

Mentors for Summer 2018

  • Chloë Bass will be studying scales of human intimacy, working on an experimental documentary, trying to set up an organized archive, and thinking about glass.
  • Doreen Garner will be recreating body parts in silicone in the studio; the silicone skins may take the form of impenetrable sex toys.
  • Heather Hart will be drawing in the studio and working on Black Lunch Table, an oral history project that fills gaps in art historical records on artists of the African Diaspora.
  • Pablo Helguera will be working in the studio on a new project at the intersection of art, education, and publishing, and planning a large solo exhibition for later in the year.  
  • Marisa Morán Jahn will be creating an experimental project using ritual and theatrical masks, digital screens, and mirrors, and planning an exhibition about Bibliobandido, a character who eats kids’ stories.
  • Amy Khoshbin will be in the studio working on performance, video, collage, costume and sound projects. 
  • Jen Liu will be working on stop motion and 3D animation for a new video; altering the genetic code of cow cells at Biotech Without Borders; and refilling her mind with ideas about women in technology, Asian Futurism, and the future of productivity.
  • Mary Mattingly will be working on public food with Swale and transforming military equipment this summer.
  • William Powhida will be making drawings about politics, money, and art in the studio and preparing for upcoming exhibitions.
  • Dannielle Tegeder will be working on a series of new projects exploring architecture and abstraction involving painting, poetry, and installation.
  • Penelope Umbrico will be working on a project that stages an e-waste upcycling environment within a gallery. You’ll collect/disassemble/repurpose e-waste (mostly monitors and TVs), and brainstorm ideas for programs on technological obsolescence.
  • Clement Valla will be creating a set of wrapped photo-sculptures of rocks and plants using 3D imaging technology, photogrammetry, and different 3D manufacturing processes to blur the boundaries between the immaterial and material worlds.

Last Year’s Practicum: 

Last year’s mentors were Chloë Bass, Taeyoon Choi, Brendan Fernandes, Doreen Garner, Heather Hart, Pablo Helguera, Marisa Morán Jahn, Simone Leigh, Mary Mattingly, William Powhida, Kenya (Robinson), Dannielle Tegeder, Brad Troemel, Penelope Umbrico, and Clement Valla. In addition to working with mentors, we had site visits with Park McArthur at the Whitney Biennial; Simone Leigh at Marcus Garvey Park; Amy Ritter and Devra Freelander at Socrates Sculpture Park; Geetha Thurairajah at Interstate Projects; and Brendan Fernandes at Recess. We toured the Guggenheim Museum with curator Anna Harsanyi; visited the studios of Sherry Milliner, Ernie Larsen, Amy Khoshbin, and Christopher Willauer; and had individual critiques with guest critic Wendy Vogel. As a group, we visited galleries in Chelsea, Harlem, and the Lower East Side; toured the Ribuoli Digital International Print Center; Giphy.com offices; Studio Museum Harlem; New Museum; Eyebeam; and Artsy headquarters; and participated in the Art+Feminism / Artsy Wikipedia Edit-a-thon and MoMA Wiki Loves Pride edit-a-thon.

Peabody Student needs a photographer

Photographer needed to shoot student musical performance…


Hello MICA Photo people…we just had a request for a photographer coming from a student at the Peabody Conservatory in Mt. Vernon. Please contact them if you can fit it into your schedule. Here is their request:

Dear All,
My name is Guilherme Andreas and I’m a student at the Peabody Conservatory. I have a performance with orchestra coming up this Sunday at Peabody at 3pm, and am looking for a photographer (I need to register the moment). Please this is a little urgent. Feel free to get in touch with me through this email or text/call 540 246 6029.
Thanks so much,
Guilherme Andreas

Junior Seminar show in Main 0 Gallery!

Join us for the Junior Seminar exhibition in Main 0 Gallery featuring current work from photography majors!


MICA Photo student accepted into Midwest Center for Photography exhibition

Nat Raum to exhibit in “2018 Midwest Photo Emerge” exhibition…

MICA Photo is proud to announce that Nat Raum has an image accepted into the 6th Annual Midwest Photo Emerge, a nationwide exhibition for emerging photographers. Congratulations to you , Nat!

Exhibition Dates:

MARCH 30 – APRIL 13, 2018


Midwest Center for Photography

1215 Franklin

Wichita, KS 67203

2018 Midwest Photo Emerge

MICA Photo alum wins award

Jack Sorokin (Class of 2015) wins award for food photography!

MICA Photo is proud to announce that Jack Sorokin has won an international award for his editorial work with food photography.


Here is Jack’s announcement:

“I’m excited to announce that I was a winner in the 28th Foodelia international food photography awards. My winning image below is from a shoot this past fall for Our State Magazine. I spend a an afternoon with chef John Fleer of Rhubarb here in Asheville, NC as he made his take on the traditional southern Appalachian, Buttermilk Cornbread Soup.”

MICA Photo wants to take this moment to congratulate Jack on this well-deserved award for his continuing hard work. Kudos, Jack!