Review Santa Fe: seeking portfolio submissions

CENTER’s Annual Call for Entries…


unnamed                                                                              © Ellen Jantzen, Exhibiting Artist

Review Santa Fe is noted as the gold standard of portfolio reviews by many reviewers and photographers every year. The location, the quality of the work and carefully selected reviewers producing the most outcomes, make Santa Fe the premier, juried portfolio review experience. An expanded scholarship fund allows photographers of all income levels to participate.

Applications are currently being accepted for Review Santa Fe with additional opportunities listed below. A few of the jurors employed for 2017 are from J. Paul Getty Museum, SFMOMA, The Huffington Post, TIME magazine, and other notable institutions.

• $5,000 Project Development Grant

• $5,000 Project Launch Grant

• The Choice Awards

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CENTER is a 501c3 organization with a mission to serve gifted and committed photographers. CENTER is for photographers and not for profit as well as compliant with W.A.G.E. practices paying artists and jurors a fair wage for exhibits, talks, writing, workshops, judging and more. Find out more at

A new gallery from the Women’s March on Washington!


MICA Photo is pleased to present another in the continuing series of photo galleries from the Women’s March on Washington. This galley is courtesy of  Paul Lai!

View the entire series of images from the Women’s March and more of Paul’s work here: Paul Lai


Call and Response: Art as Resistance


Deadline: March 19, 2017

As a response to the current social and political climate in the United States, the Strange Fire Collective is looking for work made by women, people of color, and LGBTQ artists that engages with issues of social justice and critically questions the dominant social hierarchy for our upcoming exhibition Call and Response: Art as Resistance. 

Selected artists will be included in a permanent online exhibition on the Strange Fire Collective website and will be featured in the Opening Reception Slide Show on March 31st during the Month of Photography Denver.  

Because this exhibition is hosted in collaboration with the Center for Fine Art Photography and the Month of Photography Denver, we are looking for photo-based work. All capture types and photographic processes are eligible for inclusion.


New at Aperture

Call for Entries: 2017 Aperture Summer Open: On Freedom


Curated by Eric Gottesman, Hank Willis Thomas, and Wyatt Gallery of For Freedoms—an artist-run initiative that uses art as a tool for political engagement—this year’s Summer Open invites photographers to submit work relating to the idea of freedom. Send us images that address or express what freedom looks like—or doesn’t looks like—today. Submit your work, and let your voice be heard.

Submissions Deadline: April 5, 2017, 12:00 noon EST

Submit now

Chrissy Fitchett (’15) to exhibit in Full Circle Gallery

MICA Photo alum, Chrissy Fitchett (class of 2015), to show at Full Circle Gallery…

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 9.06.00 AM.png

Chrissy Fitchett is exhibiting at Full Circle Gallery in little over a month. Her timely work takes a look at the changing nature of women’s roles in Nepal. With a global focus on Women’s Movements and Demonstrations, Fitchett’s images, message, and narratives, couldn’t be more important.

SHOW DATES: APRIL 1 – MAY 13, 2017



Women’s Changing Roles in Nepal and their Inter-Generational Relationships are at the Center of a New Exhibit at Full Circle Gallery

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 9.07.41 AM.pngRaising Daughters: Women of the Valley is a photographic exploration into the swiftly changing roles of women living in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley. Photographer Chrissy Fitchett introduces viewers to real, multi-generational figures who are in the midst of an expansive conversion of traditional Nepalese roles. In recent decades, Nepal has undergone rapid political and social transformations, especially in regards to women’s access to education and participation in economic activity. In the past, a woman in her early 40’s living in Nepal might have been entirely excluded from formal education in her youth, but now her daughters are completing masters’ degrees. And while education is a transformative and powerful force of inclusion and opportunity for women, what holds them together is a social knowledge that is incapable of being described through formal measure.

With beautifully descriptive portraits, personally revealing domestic details and context- setting landscapes, Fitchett’s photographs examine her subjects within in the context of their own ancestry and contemporary socio-political circumstances. The documents focus upon the family structure to access biographical narratives of identity and social acceptance. This investigation discloses familial identities that are passed from mother to child, revealing the influence of ideals and tradition in shaping womanhood in Nepal.

In spite of the changing experiences and growing opportunities of grandmothers, mothers, and daughters, women’s traditional contributions to Nepali society cannot be overstated in terms of maintaining the fabric of family and the preservation of culture,

tradition, language and spirituality. Regardless of their current opportunities for personal and social growth, the women of Nepal carry the society upon their backs, bearing its weight to transform the future of their daughters.


Chrissy Fitchett is a visual storyteller from Baltimore, Maryland. She graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in Photography and minor in Culture & Politics. Her photographic projects employ social research and personal interviews with visual descriptions that aim to illuminate shared facets of humanity during points of critical social transition. Gender and lineage are central to Chrissy’s work, particularly the process of passing along cultural identity from one generation to the next. Chrissy hopes to return to Katmandu Valley to continue her significant work documenting this critical shift.

FULL CIRCLE GALLERY is a dedicated exhibition space for photographers, located on the first floor of Full Circle Fine Art Services, Inc., near Station North in Baltimore. Full Circle has been a member of the arts community in Baltimore for three decades, supporting artists’ projects through its professional services and community projects. The studio works to build a stronger photographic community in the region by sponsoring multiple exhibitions each year. Stay informed about upcoming exhibitions including call for entries by contacting the studio at 410-528-1868, by emailing, or on Facebook: Photo/292625452177.

Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm and Saturday 10am-2pm *


International call for entries

The Luxembourg Art Prize is seeking submissions…


The Luxembourg Art Prize is an annual international competition aiming to discover talents, amateur or professional, regardless of age and nationality. The ambition of the Prize is to accelerate the careers of unknown artists by providing them with professional art gallery space, first as part of a group exhibition showcasing the finalists for the Prize and then as a solo exhibition for the winner.

To help the winner prepare and create a solo exhibition at the gallery, a grant of 25,000 euros (about 26,573 USD or 21,223 GBP or 26’683 CHF or 34,793 CAD or 3,022,500 JPY) is awarded by the gallery for the 2017 edition of the prize.

All the artists’ expenses are paid by the gallery during the 2017 Luxembourg Art Prize exhibition (transport and insurance for the works of art, air and train tickets and full-board accommodation in a four-star hotel). This also applies to the expenses of one other person of their choice who can accompany them to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The Prize is aimed at artists working in one or more of the following media: drawing, printing, installation, painting, performance, photography, digital art, sculpture, sound art, video, mixed media, decorative art (textiles and material, glass, wood, metal, ceramics, mosaic, paper or other techniques).


Call for submissions:

Entries are submitted via the secure Candidate Space until 31 May 2017 at 23:59:59 (Luxembourg time).

Group exhibition:

Ten artists will be selected by 30 June at the latest by an artistic committee chaired by Hervé Lancelin. The finalists will exhibit their work as a group at Galerie Hervé Lancelin from 23 September to 4 November 2017.

Selection of the winner:

The winner of the 2017 Luxembourg Art Prize is selected by the final jury, and his or her name is announced on the opening evening of the finalists’ group exhibition. An award of 25,000 euros is allocated to the winner by the gallery to help finance the production, and framing if necessary, of further work.

Individual exhibition:

The winner of the 2017 Luxembourg Art Prize will be given a solo exhibition in 2018 at Galerie Hervé Lancelin in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


Submit your images!!

tsdarkroom5MICA Photo is currently looking for images of student working and learning in the classrooms! Did you catch the opportune moment of a demo in Studio Lighting or the perfect print in Digital 2? Please send us your snapshots of the activities you and other students are doing in the classroom and in the labs. We want to feature the amazing work and fun activities that take place in our department!

Title your image as LastName_FirstName_CourseTakenIn (i.e. Doe_John_Digital1) so that we can credit you properly!

You can upload your images to the Google Drive folder here: Upload Images Here!

ALSO!! Remember to upload your images of your work in progress and projects each week to be featured on the screen in the DPL!! Here: DPL Imagery Upload