Meyers and Wilgus and Blogs…Oh My!!!…(Sorry we couldn’t help ourselves)

Hey There Everybody Welcome Back!!!

An image by Georgi Ivanov the 2009 Meyers Recipient

Well it is the first day of Spring 2010 and we are hoping everyone is having an excellent first day back! We already have a lot of information to share with you about upcoming opportunities to show your work, volunteer your time, and see what is going on in Baltimore and beyond. So let’s dive right in!

1st of all we have the Meyers Traveling Fellowship. The Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship was established in 1988 with a generous gift from an anonymous donor. The fellowship is awarded annually to a senior photography student to help finance a personal photographic project in the United States or Abroad after graduation. The award winner has a year to complete the project, and in the late spring has an exhibition, reception, and artist talk concerning the work completed with the aid of the Meyer Fellowship. Last years recipient was Georgi Ivanov and his show will be up March 24 in the Main Gallery.

The Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship is an excellent opportunity for our Seniors, and we wish you all luck! Applicants for this school year must turn in their proposal and portfolio no later than Monday, February 15, 2010 to Lynn Silverman or Regina DeLuise, Senior Thesis Coordinators. For more information about important dates, applications etc, please go to our link on the Meyers!


Another great ongoing opportunity for you is our very own Wilgus Gallery. Like last semester, the application process can be completed electronically for your convenience. Instructions on how to apply are available on our website ( and an application with instructions is attached. If you have any questions about either the application or the process, feel free to email them at !

In addition the Wilgus Gallery is continuing to curate month long shows for the online gallery on the Wilgus Gallery website, so if you are interested in showing work but do not have enough work to complete an application for a show, we are accepting single and multiple image submissions for consideration. Feel free to send us images on a regular basis. The first show of the semester is going up soon, so make sure to send them any cool pictures you made over break!

For more information head on over to the Gallery


Another opportunity that is coming up very quickly is chance to be a Student Volunteer at the upcoming SPE conference. It’s a great way for students to attend the conference for cheap, and also a great way for you to meet students and professionals from all over. The conference is titled “Facing Diversity: Leveling the Playing Field in the Photographic Arts,” 47th SPE National Conference, It is occurring March 4-7, 2010, in Philadelphia, PA.

For more info check out the link…

The deadline for volunteer registration is January 22nd, so coming up fast so take a look!!!


Have you ever considered being an Intern at the White House, if so, well that chance is quickly approaching. The application deadline is February 7th so for more information go ahead and download the PDF.


And finally we just received a great list of blogs to keep an eye on from Shannon Perrich. So when you get a chance take a look!

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share several of links with you!  Yesterday, NPR featured the first of monthly blogs I’ll be writing which feature objects from the Photographic History Collection.  I wrote about Richard Avedon’s portrait of Marian Anderson that is going on view soon.

The staff, volunteers and interns of PHC have written quite a few entries for the NMAH blog over the course of the past year. Below is just a sampling. Visit the NMAH blog and search for any of our names, or for Photographic History Collection.

Today’s NMAH blog follows up on a question posted by a Twitter user and answered by Michelle Delaney.

One of Ryan Lintelman’s article was in the top ten blogs of 2009 from last year about William S. Hart’s gun in the Photo History Collection.


Tony Brooks wrote about an article about the 3D/color images of the results of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Other photo history blogs can be found at

I wrote one about an unsolicited donation:

And Michelle wrote about her Hillotype project:

Best wishes,



One other item of note…The Baltimore Contemporary Museum is celebrating its 20th anniversary with Project 20. Project 20 opens with Participation Nation, an exhibition that brings together three artists and artist collaboratives who create installations that invite viewers to participate by contributing to the work’s content. Participation Nation will be a highly interactive exhibition experience with new works by Finishing School (Los Angeles), Neighborhood Public Radio (Albequerque, Chicago and San Diego) and Lee Mingwei (New York).

Of particular interest Lesly Deschler-Canossi submitted a proposal for one of Lee Mingwei’s shine boxes (for her father who passed last August) and it was accepted. So if you get the chance head on over the Contemporary and help them celebrate their 20 birthday!

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