Congratulations to Kottie…2010’s Meyer Fellowship Winner!!!

Vacation Industry by Georgi Ivanov 2009 Meyer Fellowship Recipient

Well last night was the reception for Georgi Ivanov‘s beautiful show Vacation Industry. It was a lovely opening with a wonderful turn out and it sported an excellent assortment of traditional Bulgarian fare, including grape leaves and feta. In addition to celebrating Georgi’s fantastic show, which we really hope by now you have been able to spend some time with, we found out that the next Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship recipient is Kottie Gaydos.

Image by Kottie Gaydos 2010 Meyer Fellowship Recipient

We asked Kottie to tell us a little about her proposal and where she is headed and this is what she had to say, “I’ll be traveling to Sichuan Province in China, just East of the Yangtze river on the Tibetan Plateau. The region is called Kham and is home to a Tibetan ethnic group, the Khampas. Historically they are a warrior people and are known for their great skill on horseback. The Khampas believe that this skill with horses comes directly from being the descendants of the great King Gesar of Ling, whom one of the worlds longest epics was written about. Every year the Khampas have huge horse festivals in memory of Gesar, where Gesar focusedopera-dramas, stories and songs of Gesar are celebrated. The story of Gesar plays a huge part in the Khampas lifestyle, and I’ll be living and trekking with Khampa nomads to photographically explore how this epic is embedded into the Khampa tradition.”

It sounds like quite and adventure and we would like to thank Kottie for taking the time to share with us her winning proposal for the Fellowship, and again congratulate her on her upcoming travels. Please as you see Kottie and Georgi over the next couple of days make sure to congratulate them both on jobs well done…

The Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship was established in 1988 with a generous gift from an Janice Meyer. The fellowship is awarded annually to a senior photography student to help finance a personal photographic project in the United States or Abroad after graduation. The award winner has a year to complete the project, and in the late spring has an exhibition, reception, and artist talk concerning the work completed with the aid of the Meyer Fellowship. For more information and past winners please follow the link

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