Do You Have Something You Want to Say About the BP Oil Spill?

Current Size of the Oil Spill

Well Micaphoto here is your chance. The Foster Collective ( A Chicago Arts Group) is seeking participation in their exhibit looking at the Gulf and BP disaster. The work will be on view at the Landslide Gallery in Chicago, with the possibility of the exhibition becoming a traveling show. So if you are interested the complete listing can found below, and remember more opportunities can be found like this at the CAA and SPE opportunities pages. Please note the deadline for submitting your entry is 7.19.10, and best of all, there is no entry fee!!!

Gulf Oil Disaster Response

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Posted by: The Foster Collective
Deadline: 07/19/10

Postmark: July 19, 2010
Location: Landslide Gallery, Chicago (July 23-31)

The Foster Collective, a Chicago based artist collective, seeks visual and written responses to the Gulf oil disaster. All entries must be on gas station paper towels. You can draw, paint, collage or write directly on the towel. Or, you can glue/tape artwork to the towel. Paper towels can be any color or texture. They are usually kept in the same container as the windshield squeegee.

-Leave 1″ margin at the top for hanging.
-Please submit the whole paper towel. Do not cut or add to the dimensions, which are typically 9 1/8 x 10 1/8 inches.
-Write your name, email address, and location on the back.

If you want your piece returned, include SASE. We are currently exploring venues for future exhibitions in other cities. NO FEE

Send to:
The Foster Collective
C/O A. Watters
2531 N Talman, 1E
Chicago 60647

More info:

Speaking of the Oil Disaster, remember that The Denver Post has put together an extraordinary collection of images showing the stunning impact caused by the massive oil leak in the Gulf. As we mentioned in a earlier blog entry these images help reaffirm the power found in photography.

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