MICA at BWI with our own Rose Cromwell `05

Photograph by Rose Cromwell on view at BWI

Hey Micaphoto,

MICA and the Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA) present MICA@BWI: MICA Fulbright Honorees, an exhibition of artwork by MICA’s Fulbright award-winning alumni, students and faculty, Wednesday, June 30-Tuesday, Oct. 12, in the exhibition space of the upper level of the International Terminal at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI).

There are a number of members of the MICA community taking part in this show, however,  we wanted to single out class of 2005’s Rose Cromwell for her contribution to the exhibit. Rose was awarded a Meyers to travel and photograph in Cuba as well as a Fulbright. The work she selected is from her project “Everything Arrives”.

About the photographs from this project Rose states, “I have also always been interested in the psychological aspects of a portrait session and the telling interactions that can come out of it. Living in Latin America for years I have been constantly been reminded of my expected gender role and how that dictates how I feel I should interact with others. Just like still lifes, the portraits are reference points to make contact with and ways to examine interaction. I want to recognize this assumptions of  gender roles, and play off them, push them and pull them.  How do these pre-established gender identities dictate how how I experience a place, what access does that give one and what limitations are there?  Despite obvious frustrations, there is a certain beauty in this power struggle that I cannot ignore.”

So if you are planning on taking a trip this summer and you are using BWI try and build a few more minutes into your travel plans and check out Rose’s work as well as the rest of Mica’s contribution to MICA@BWI: MICA Fulbright Honorees. The show will be up through Tuesday October 12th.

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