Check out the new book by MICA Alumni Doug Barber “Living the Life.”

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Doug Barber never set out to publish a book. In fact, sitting in the park at the foot of Broadway in Fells Point outside his former house, he appears downright nervous about sharing his story. Perhaps it’s not surprising for someone who has lived much of his life quietly and on the edge of the grid.

A professional corporate photographer by trade, Barber has been in hard-core motorcycle clubs (please, don’t ever call them “gangs”) much of his life, using his camera to record the rough-and-tumble lifestyle. By being a part of what bikers call “the life,” he had unprecedented access to a notoriously camera-shy population. Earlier this year, Barber self-published a collection of his photographs, coupled with verses by poet Edward Pliska, aka “Sorez the Scribe,” entitled living the life, one man’s perspective inside what Barber refers to as “the old-school biker’s world.”
“It’s a collection of personal statements not meant to explain or justify the biker existence,” Barber says. “Those who find inspiration and solace living outside society’s conventions will take this book to heart.”

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