The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center is excited to announce PPAC’s Residency for Regional Emerging Artists.

Each summer two artists are invited for one-month residencies at PPAC.  The residencies support talented, self-directed emerging artists, living in the Philadelphia region, in realizing their goals and visions.  This residency offers artists the time to focus on their work, cultivate new ideas and understand their process, while also providing financial and collegial resources to create work.  Participants in the residency program are expected to use their month to pursue their own projects: photographing in the area, printing, scanning or editing for a specific project or book, etc.

Each month-long residency includes a $4,000 stipend, staff support to assist with projects, and extended access to PPAC’s digital lab.  PPAC’s regular rates for lab rentals and digital services apply.  Travel and living costs are the responsibility of the resident.

Applicants should submit a proposal outlining their project plans.  Proposals may include the continuation or completion of work already in process, or the creation of new work.  The timeline for each residency will be between the months of June – September.  Dates will be coordinated and finalized in conversation with PPAC and the winning artists.


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