New addition to “Alumni in the Field” Eric Helgas 2012


After graduating in May I moved directly to Brooklyn, New York. I’m currently working as Ryan Pfluger’s studio manager, and assisting him on shoots. We’ve had some interesting assignments recently. The New York Times Magazine flew us to Tallahassee to photograph the families who were affected by the Conor McBride / Ann Grosmaire murder case from 2010 – a teen violence case which used restorative justice as a method of prosecution against Conor. Most of our assignments are for human-interest articles, so there’s always an interesting story behind each piece. In addition to assisting Ryan, I’ve been making personal work as well. Most of my new work revolves around ideas of illusion and artifice. I’ve been shooting a lot of still life images that reference the studio as an artificial format of making photographs. I also recently just self-published my third book ‘Who Put Hot Sauce in my Juice’, which premiered at the fourth annual Publications and Multiples Fair in Baltimore.


In more recent news, I received my first editorial assignment for Bloomberg Businessweek, which is on newsstands now. It’s great to work with photo editors who really think about their photographers when they give assignments; I’ve been able to experience this by working with Ryan’s clients as well. I’m excited the see what the rest of 2013 will bring!


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