New addition to “Alumni in the Field.”

Erik Puot

862303_4723601847846_1782101867_nI am currently living in Brooklyn, NY and working for the Patrick McMullan Co. as an event photographer/archivist. My job entails being one of a couple photographers who is hired on to photograph the inner workings of various socialite parties and events. After photographing these events I return to the office and name, caption, edit, and upload the images to our website before 6am in order to sell the images to various media outlets. The overnight hours are necessary for the speed of the image turn-over as we compete with Getty and Wire Image. 
At the beginning of this December I was invited to go along with Patrick and a skeleton crew down to Miami in order to photograph the many Art Basel Openings and events. When there are no parties to cover I am scanning, editing, and archiving Patrick’s thousands upon thousands of slides of celebrities spanning from the mid 80s’s to the early 2000’s so there is always something interesting to do.
I have been making some personal work, mostly street photography, wandering and getting to know New York better, but am continuing to flesh out the images I began making in the studios at MICA. I have set up a wet c-41 Darkroom in my bathroom so I can still develop film in my apartment, and plan to never stop shooting with the 35mm handheld that got me started on the path I follow now.

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