Congratulations to MICA Photo alum, Daniel Shea 2007, for being featured in Fader’s photo issue which is one of their most viewed and important issues of the year.


In our annual photography issue, we usually showcase multiple essays from different photographers. This year, we dedicated all that space to a single feature by Daniel Shea. Last year, Shea photographed our cover story on Chicago’s drill scene, focusing on the young rapper Chief Keef and members of his local-clique-cum-record-label Glory Boyz. Now, returning for a month to the same neighborhoods, Shea looks at the city’s South Side from the perspective of teenagers whose careers haven’t spirited them away from their home blocks. Shea returned from his month on the South Side with more photos than we could ever fit into the magazine. We’ll be publishing our favorite outtakes here all week, along with conversations between Shea and FADER’s photo editor, Geordie Wood. Today, they talk about the violence prevention nonprofit CeaseFire and its impact.

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CeaseFire, and its network of ex-gang affiliated violence “Interrupters,” aims to mediate conflicts between cliques and gang members to prevent retaliatory shootings and killings in Chicago. In this extended edit, we look at our time with CeaseFire crews in Engelwood and Roseland, as well as grassroots community reaction to violent crimes against young people.

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