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Rose Cromwell 2005



Upon graduating from MICA in 2005, I was awarded the Meyers Traveling Fellowship.  With this grant, I travelled to Cuba and completed a photography project “Jovellar y Infanta”.  In 2006, I applied for and was awarded a Fulbright grant to spend a year in Panama working on a project that examined how Panamanians were locally by a global trade route: The Panama Canal.  During my time in Panama I met the artist Gustavo Araujo who introduced me to the photographer Sandra Eleta. I stayed in Panama for the following two years working as Sandra’s darkroom master printer and helped to found Cambio Creativo,  an organization that facilitates creative workshops in the community of Coco Solo in Colon, Panama. I also had my first solo exhibition at the Diablo Rosso Gallery in Panama City and was included in the publication “25 under 25, Up and coming American Photographers” published by powerHouse books.


In 2008 I assisted for photographer Chan Chao, who was working on a project in Panama, and he told about Syracuse University’s MFA in Art photography, with impressive faculty and generous fellowships. In 2009 I applied and was awarded a Full Fellowship. During my years at SU I spent time off from classes traveling back and forth from Syracuse to Cuba to Panama. I began working on a long-term project based in Cuba: “Everything Arrives”. I also organized and ran a bilingual afterschool photography program for Syracuse youth and worked at Light Work / Community Darkrooms, fine-tuning my digital printing skills.


I have recently moved to Brooklyn, New York, and am looking forward to the creative opportunities that a large city like New York City offers. I continue to work with Cambio Creativo, am a team member of Estudio Nuboso, and work as a freelance photographer and videographer.  I will begin teaching at International Center for Photography this winter.

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