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Shelby Silvernell 2009



Since graduating from MICA with a BFA in photography in 2009, I moved to Chicago and have had a few different jobs in the field.  The summer after moving, I found a job in the commercial photography studio of an auto accessories manufacturing company.  I learned a great deal about this particular niche of the industry, and I had the opportunity to work with some amazing equipment.  I had several internships at museums while in school, and I missed non-profits, though. So, I decided to accept an offer from the Chicago History Museum for a temporary scanning technician position.  It was wonderful working with their massive collections, the photography collection in particular.  The temporary position lead to another temporary position, and I was eventually promoted to a permanent imaging specialist and photographer position.  I was involved in all aspects of imaging for the museum, from marketing and event photography to digitizing 2D and 3D collections materials.  I have recently started working as a visual resources digitization assistant in the main library at Northwestern University.  I am excited to work in imaging to make research and educational materials more accessible at an institution which has made this work a priority.


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