Liz Wells Lecture: Modes of Investigation – On Writing and Curating (Photography) 1 pm, Friday, February 7th M010

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Liz Wells writes and lectures on photographic practices. She has a particular interest in land and environment as explored through photographic and other media. Her monograph, Land Matters, (I B Tauris, 2011) investigates ways in which photographers engage with issues about land, its representation and idealisation, demonstrating how the visual interpretation of land as landscape reflects and reinforces contemporary political, social and environmental attitudes. Through reference to art historical debates and through critical appraisal of key examples of work by photographers working in, for example, the USA, in Europe, Scandinavia and Baltic areas, she asks what is at stake in landscape photography now. She has curated a number of exhibitions on land, landscape, environment, exploring questions of representation and also what art can contribute within current debates on environmental trauma, climate change and the post-industrial sublime.

She is also author of a number of publications intended to engage historical, theoretical and critical debates. The fifth edition of her co-written book, Photography, A Critical Introduction, has been commissioned for 2014 publication. A Chinese version was published in early 2013. She co-edits the journal, photographies (Routledge) and is an elected member of the Society for Photographic Education Board of Directors.

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