Check out this piece about MICA alumni, Eric Helgas 2012, in LINTROLLER.

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WEARELINTROLLER is an independent creative agency and publishing house focusing on photographic based works of international young, emerging talents.

organizes art events, produces various creative projects and publishes art related publications both offline and online.

Photo: Eric Helgas

Photo: Eric Helgas

Eric Helgas: Welcome to Paradise


Eric Helgas , recently shooting a lot for The New Yorker, has always been interested in glitz and glam. There is cynicism to the kind of glam that Helgas depicts. His previous projects, “Cyber Stardom” and “Direct to You” show a harsh, ironic look to idealized body images. His bright flash reveals a certain sadness to the models he photographed in “Cyber Stardom”, but not without compassion.

For his latest ongoing series, “Welcome to Paradise,” Helgas again approaches the concept of an ideal, with a touch of abstraction.  Objects that feel iconic of American culture are placed in a studio setting, removed from their everyday context. Through his photographs, Helgas highlights the construct that makes up these ideals familiar to us.

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