New York Arts Practicum


Application deadline: March 15th, 2014

Applications are being accepted for the 2014 New York Arts Practicum, a summer arts institute where participants experientially learn to bridge their lives as art students into lives as artists in the world. The program is structured around apprenticeships with mentor artists, a critique seminar where participants produce work without access to their institutional facilities, and site visits to artist workspaces, galleries, and museums.

The intensive eight-week program offers participants a structured environment to experience the challenges of life as an artist and demystifies the many ways one can be an artist today. Mentees work in their mentor’s studio two to three days per week, meet Monday and Tuesday evenings for a critique seminar, and convene Fridays for site visits in artist studios, galleries, and museums. Past participants called the experience: demystifying, life changing, and an inspirational reality check.

By working with an artist on a day-to-day basis, participants gain a view of their near futures as artists, learning models for negotiating a creative life outside of school. Mentors for 2014 include:Pablo HelgueraDavid HorvitzJen LiuMary MattinglyJennifer and Kevin McCoySara Greenberger RaffertyBrad TroemelLetha WilsonAndrew Norman Wilson with several to be added prior to the March 15th application deadline.

Mentors lead critiques structured around developing strategies for creating work without institutional studio facilities. Practicum mentors lead seminars on their work, or related topic; these sessions are intimate views into their in-progress work, with a focus on process.

Program Director Michael Mandiberg facilitates critique seminar, and guides site visits to artist studios, galleries, and museums, many of which will include conversations with curators and gallerists.

Past Mentors and Site Visits:

Last year’s mentors and visitors included: Cory ArcangelChloe BassAlexander Benenson at Bitforms, Nova Benway at the Drawing Center, Sarah Butler, Nicole Caruth at Art21, Andrea Champlin, Sara Dierck, Brendan FernandesCourtenay Finn at Art in General, Carla Gannis,Claudia HartPablo HelgueraDavid HorvitzMarisa JahnNina KatchadourianSteve Lambert,Sherry Millner & Ernest LarsenSimone Leigh, Matt Levy, Jen LiuKristin LucasJosh Macphee,Candice Madey and Courtney Childress at On Stellar Rays, Mary MattinglyJoe McKay,MemefactoryStephanie Pereira at Kickstarter, Sara Greenberger RaffertyMagda Sawon and Tomas Banovich at Postmasters, Brad TroemelPenelope UmbricoAndrew Norman Wilson,Dan WilsonLetha WilsonSam Wilson at Klaus von Nichtssagend, Caroline Woolard, and Kevin Zucker.

Application Details

The 8 week New York Arts Practicum runs from June 9th to August 1st, 2014. The application deadline is March 15th, 2014.

Academic credit is earned through arrangements with participants’ home institutions.
For program description and application please see the website: For questions, please see the FAQ:, or contact us at

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