Crusade For Art is accepting Applications for $10,000 grant!

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Crusade for Art just announced that it will award a $10,000 grant to an individual photographer, or group of photographers, with the most innovative idea for increasing the artist’s audience and collector base. The unrestricted grant is created both to generate and highlight these innovations, and to underwrite the execution of the best idea.

Prodigious effort is going into programs and initiatives that create supply – opportunities to educate artists and help them create and exhibit work – which is resulting in a dramatic increase in the number of fine art photographers and huge volumes of their art. Little support focuses on creating a demand for this art. Demand is not keeping up with supply, and if not corrected, will create a huge imbalance where there is an abundance of art but no audience for it. Crusade for Art is dedicated to cultivating demand for art.

A sizable financial award to artists who are creatively exploring this systemic problem of demand will put our greatest resource – the brainpower of our creative force, our artists – against this challenge and have the best chance of finding solutions.

Crusade for Art’s goal in offering a grant of this size is to motivate a large volume of photographers to think about their work, their target audience, and how to best engage them.

In the initial application, photographers/project organizers must submit a description (500 words or less) of their project idea and a $20 application fee. Five to ten finalists will be invited to submit a full application. The full application will require applicants to include a detailed project description, timeline, budget, projected audience reach, and expected impact of the program. There is no additional application fee for finalist applications.

A three-member selection committee will select the grant award recipient based on the proposed project’s creativity, originality, and probability for success as well as the applicant’s credibility and references. The three members of the selection committee are:

• Whitney Johnson, Director of Photography at The New Yorker
• Karen Irvine, Curator and Associate Director at Museum of Contemporary Photography
• Rupert Jenkins, Executive Director at Colorado Photographic Arts Center

Applications are now open! The deadline for submissions is April 1. Finalists will be announced May 15, and the grant award winner will be announced in September.

For the greatest positive impact, photographers need to be aware of this grant opportunity. We hope you will share this information widely.

For more information, visit or call (404) 790-9078.

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