Check out MICA Alumni Elle Perez’s work in this show curated by another MICA alumni Rafael Soldi at Silver Eye Center for Photography in Pittsburgh


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Here & Now highlights the work of artists embarking on physical and emotional journeys to define and discover queerness across the American landscape. Turning to more than just their immediate surroundings, the artists of Here & Now intuitively look for meaning through their personal travels and relationships.


“These artists’ instinctive search for context stems out of a desire for human connection and extended placeness fueled by a history of otherness in the world,” said curator Rafael Soldi. “In this exhibition, images become the spaces where new maps are imagined and created; they help us map our own place within a larger territory as we define what it means to be queer today.”


The artists and artist teams making up Here & Now each share their individual understanding of what it means to be queer today: Zackary Drucker (Los Angeles, CA); Molly Landreth (Seattle, WA); Michael Max McLeod (Phoenix, AZ); Elle Perez (New Haven, CT); Richard Renaldi (Chicago, IL); We Are the Youth, featuring Laurel Golio and Diana Scholl (both Brooklyn, NY); and #1 Must Have, featuring Adrien Leavitt, and A. Slaven (both Seattle, WA).
The exhibition is organized by Rafael Soldi, Marketing Director, Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle, and Silver Eye Center for Photography.


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