The Star Spangled Spectacular Celebration’s Living Flag is looking for volunteers to help photograph this event which takes place on September 9th!

Star Spangled spectacularspectacular-calendar-bicentennialAmericanFlag

More than 7,000 school students from every county in Maryland will don red, white and blue to create the Star-Spangled Banner Living Flag at Fort McHenry!

Like their predecessors during the 1914 centennial, students will come to Fort McHenry to engage in experiential learning by literally becoming part of the Star-Spangled Banner. To commemorate the bicentennial of the Battle of Baltimore during the War of 1812 and the anniversary of the writing of the National Anthem, this will be the largest living Star-Spangled Banner flag ever created!

A key difference from one hundred years ago is that this will be a nationwide learning opportunity for students. There are several ways to participate in Star-Spangled Banner Living Flag Day on September 9th: by creating a Star-Spangled Banner wherever you live or by connecting with the events at Fort McHenry through distance learning, live-streaming, and/or social media. More details available from the Friends of Fort McHenry.

Contact Maya at 443-717-3510 or


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