Check out this great piece about the Financial Compensation and the Gallery – Artist Relationship from Bmore Art!

BmoreArt is an award-winning Baltimore-based online journal, which provides creative and critical coverage of the Baltimore’s cultural landscape and beyond. Our daily articles are created by a team of dedicated local writers and editors who believe that Baltimore’s artists deserve to be discussed, critiqued, and informed. Unlike any other publication in Baltimore, BmoreArt documents a unique arts community in depth and presents it to an engaged local and international audience. As Baltimore’s creative class continues to grow, the presence of high quality discussion, critique, and observation becomes an even more essential part of the health of the creative-economic ecosystem.


“I am confused about my relationship with my gallery. I was always told that once you work with a gallery, or are represented by them, you need to give them a percentage of every sale you make – even those that come from outside the gallery. I am represented in one city, but showed at a non-profit in another city. A few months after that show came down, I had a collector from that city approach me to buy my work. The gallery that represents me has never had me sign an official contract, so I am not sure what they expect in this case. If I asked them, I am sure they would handle this sale and take their 50% cut. The work will also need to be shipped, so who would be responsible in paying for that, if they were to get involved?”


Dear Confused

“I’m afraid you’ve hit the nail on the head. Many artists like working with commercial galleries because of the investment, support, and visibility that the gallery brings to their career. However, this may not translate into a financial gain for either parties involved and this can be a problem.

You have entered into a world where regular business models don’t always add up. Consider this: you can’t wear, eat, or consume art for any practical purpose. There’s no guarantee of value for works of art, except for recent sales records. Hence, the rules of sales and engagement are different than most financial transactions.”

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