Don’t miss MICA Alum Tiffany Jones work in “Autumn Leaves” presented by Bruun Studios at Area 405 on September 19 – 29


Autumn Leaves celebrates individuality, reflects on meaning, and seeks to model healthy community.

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The Exhibition & Events
September 19 to November 2, 2014

Area 405
405 E. Oliver St.,
Baltimore, MD 21202

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The exhibition features portraits and words about 49 individuals age 50 or above—the leaves of Autumn Leaves.

E.L. Briscoe
Zöe Charlton
Ian MacLean Davis
Paris Johnson
Tiffany Jones
Nicole Buckingham Kern
Ernest Shaw

Fire Angelou (a.k.a. Nakia Brown)
Jeremy Chase-Israel
Steven Leyva
Kevin Griffin Moreno
Jen Grow
Laura Shovan
Art Vandalay (a.k.a. Victor Rodgers)

Gallery hours are Fridays 3-7pm and by appointment.

The Events
Come to one event, or come to them all: each is its own rich experience.

Visit event details and parking information

Poplar Group, Saturday, 9/20, 4pm
Bill Clark, Anna Davis, Damien Davis, Jeff Johnson, Dani Johnson, Gilda Johnson, Tiffany Jones, Walter Lomax, Dean Lynes, Selwyn Ray, Laura Shovan, and Youth Resiliency Institute
Birch Group, Tuesday, 9/30, 6pm
Juanita Brown, Nicole Buckingham Kern, Tori Burns, Paul Freedman, Robert Ginyard, Seth Knopp, Donna Jackson Nakazawa, Art Vandalay (a.k.a. Victor Rodgers), Brad Rogers, Jennifer Strasbaugh, Julie Gabrielli, and Goaldiggers: The Sankofa Project
Oak Group, Sunday, 10/5, 4pm
E.L. Briscoe, Evelyn Chatmon, Maisy Cottingham, Jen Grow, Jon Spelman, Janie Baylor Stephens, Jamie Stierhoff, Lee Stierhoff, Douglass Williams, Felton Williams, Traci Wright, and 901 Arts
Ash Group, Thursday, 10/9, 6pm
Scott Burkholder, Ian MacLean Davis, Lindsey Davis, Elizabeth Faas-Hughes, Sallah Jenkins, Liz Lerman, Steven Leyva, Don Palmer, Geri Lynn Peak, Bea Scott, Florian Svitak, and TwentyOneOsix
Chestnut Group, Tuesday, 10/14, 6pm
Adote Akwe, Pamela Eisenberg, Alvin Eng, Kevin Griffin Moreno, Mel Holden, Paris Johnson, Harriet Lynn, Zinaida Rozenberg, Tamra Settles, Marc Steiner, and Muse 360 Arts
Maple Group, Saturday, 10/18, 4pm
Lee Boot, Gayle Carney, Jeremy Chase-Israel, Rodney Foxworth, Carol Higgs, Guy Jones, Ken Royster, Ernest Shaw, Vincent Thomas, Debi Young, Encouraging the World, and Walks of Art
Sycamore Group, Sunday, 11/2, 4pm
Fire Angelou (a.k.a. Nakia Brown), Clarence Brown, Michael Burke,Zöe Charlton, Cheryan Clinton, Beth Fredrick, Monique Goss, Lola Manekin, Thibault Manekin, Jo Tyler, John Campagna, and Unchained Talent.

Mark your calendar to experience a diverse, talented, insightful, and inspiring Baltimore you might otherwise never know was there.

Donate to Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves is a project of Bruun Studios. The exhibition and events take place at Area 405, and Baltimore Performance Kitchen serves as the project’s fiscal agent.

The October Autumn Leaves event are part of Free Fall Baltimore, which is made possible by the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, an independent 501(c)3 non-profit, and the generous contributions of BGE, The Abell Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, American Trading & Production Corporation (Atapco), The Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Foundation, and the Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Charitable Funds.

MECU Baltimore’s Credit Union is corporate sponsor for Autumn Leaves, and the project is made possible with generous support from Jane Brown, the Cohen Opportunity Fund, The Creative Baltimore Fund, Gwen Davidson, Lois Blum Feinblatt, Sandra Levi Gerstung, Margery Gluck, Joanna Golden, the Nancy Patz Reading Fund, The Peck Foundation, Seska Ramberg, Jim & Patty Rouse Foundation, Kathy & Sandy Shapiro, Joy & Steven Sibel, Henry S. & Agnes M. Truzack Foundation, Neil & Laura Tucker, and others who have contributed and are listed on the Autumn Leaves website’s support page.

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