Call for Entries from AIA Baltimore!


Architecture Seen: Photography Contest

The Emerging Professionals Committee of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Baltimore Chapter presents Architecture Seen, AIABaltimore’s 2014 Photography Competition. This year’s theme is “Entryways.”

Call for Entries:

Submit your entries through before the entry deadline on September 29, 2014.

Please contact the Photo Contest Committee at with any questions.

The competition is open to the general public. Sorry, professional photographers are not eligible at this time.

Entry Fee:  
All proceeds will support the initiatives of the Emerging Professionals Committee of AIA Baltimore.  Fees include up to two entries per entrant per category

  • AIA/BAF members = $20.00
  • Assoc. AIA members = $15.00
  • Non-AIA Members = $25.00
  • Students =  $10.00  AIAS/NOMA Members = $5.00

Category 1 “The Big Picture”
This photo category focuses on defining entryways on a “large scale.” These are the public spaces in Baltimore that we encounter throughout our daily activities.  Think about the types of spaces defined when entering the city by train or car.  The entryway could show a destination point or feature a transition of spaces along streets or public areas.  An entrance or signature view to a college campus, or park perhaps.  This could be a picture that explains the character of a neighborhood or a threshold between neighborhoods.

Category 2 “The Finer Details”
The “smaller scale” photo category focuses on more intricate spaces that relate to the human proportions, such as an entrance to a building. Think about how the material selection, light, and colors are used to define the space.  Is the design informed by the people entering and using the space?  Is there a special history or story related to this place?

Part 2 Write a short description
Write a short description (2 or 3 sentences) telling how the photo fits into one of the categories and indicate the significance of what the photo captures.

Submission/Upload Requirements:
1) JPEG image of each entry, 300 dpi uploaded through Submittable
2) Contact information for the photographer
3) Short Description of the photograph

All entrants grant express permission to AIA Baltimore to use all photographic entries for exhibitions, publications, and promotional purposes. All winning entries will become the property of AIA Baltimore. Submission of entry implies acceptance of all above conditions.

Entry Deadline:
Registration. Payment, and Submission Deadline:  Monday September 29, 2014


We would like to thank our talented judges Alain Jaramillo, Kevin Moore, Tom Turk, and Meg Fairfax Fielding for offering their services judging the competition entries. The top entries will be on display at Miss Shirley’s Rolland Park location from October 20-31st.  Winning entries will be officially announced November 4th


Cash Prizes:

Category 1: “Big Picture” Winner – $150

Honorable Mention – $50

Category 2: “Finer Details” Winner – $150

Honorable Mention – $50

*Best Student Entry – $50

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