Seeing / Being – Call for Entries: Deadline is Oct. 19th!!!

From Professor Jay Gould and Tim Mahoney (Photo ’15)

Seeing / Being

Call for participation Deadline October 19

Middendorf Gallery,  November 5 – 16

This exhibition welcomes the varied interactions of photographic rendering and sculptural materiality. We want to see how you choose to interpret this theme by submitting work to potentially be included.

The interaction of photography and sculpture has an incredibly rich history and is constantly evolving. In many cases, both emphasize the materiality of the work and visually demonstrate the properties specific to a material. This may be the materiality of whatever surface a photograph is produced on, or a visual dialog between materials in a photograph and the materials existing in three dimensions. Photographs often serve to record ephemeral sculptures that cannot exist more than a moment or even evade the sensitivity of our eyes.

Where do you see the interaction? Can you show the audience this? We challenge you!

Submission Guidelines

  •  Create a PDF document with some images embedded and an explanation of the work that you are submitting. It does not have to be a formally written document, but should clarify the plan for this particular work.
  • Submitting multiple works on the same document is encouraged.
  • If you have questions or concerns about the installation of your work, please note those in the document as well.
  • Save PDF document as Lastname_Firstname.pdf or similar.
  • Email to: by Sunday, October 19 at 11:59pm. Please use the subject line “Seeing/Being Entry

Other Details

• Artists will be contacted regarding their entries and notified about their status within 3 days of deadline.

• All invited works must arrive at the Middendorf Gallery in the Station Building for installation on Tuesday, November 4 (time TBD) Artists will be expected to install their own work.

• Pedestals may be requested. Questions you have about other installation should be included in the entry document


Please Contact Jay Gould,, or Tim Mahoney,, for questions and concerns.

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