Celebrate with the community…!

Free Your Voice and Sing Out!

Celebrate a major win for our human right to breathe clean air and envision our Fair Development future!

Sign up for the concert now!



Free Your Voice, a student-led human rights group of United Workers has over three years pressured the school system and other public entities to end their support of the nation’s largest trash burning incinerator. We are excited to announce a major breakthrough and celebrate the creativity and leadership that has paved the way. As we celebrate this breakthrough in solving a Failed Development problem we will also be focusing the event on envisioning our Fair Development future. We will shine a light on a series of ideas that can help shape a future that is rooted in our basic human rights and responds to our shared needs.

During the week of Earth Day we are hosting an outdoor concert at Benjamin Franklin High School to both celebrate and build this movement for the beloved community. If there is one thing that we have learned over the course of the Fair Development Campaign to Stop the Incinerator it is this: Art is powerful. It is a vehicle for change and can change the fate of our community, but we can’t do it alone.

Join us on Saturday April 25th in Curtis Bay! Sign up for the concert now!

What: Concert for Fair Development

Where: Benjamin Franklin High School 1201 Cambria St. Baltimore MD 21225

When: Saturday April 25th 3pm


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