More news from Alumni in the Field…!

Scott Bradley – Class of 2014



“The first year of Post-Grad has been quite a whirlwind experience. I decided to stay in Baltimore and use the connections I made through MICA as a springboard for my career. After scraping by as a Barista, my efforts paid off. In the past year i’ve done marking work for local beer distributors, Freelanced consistently for the Baltimore City Paper, forged a working relationship doing real estate photography for a local contractor, and a multitude of other freelance opportunities. In terms of more sustainable work, my most significant success was being given the opportunity to work with The Maryland Department Of Natural Resources. From the end of June to the first of August, I worked with the Conservation Jobs Corps for Maryland DNR. The Program employed at risk urban youths from ages 14-17, and put them to work at State parks across Maryland. It was my job to document the project, and capture the growth and development of these young adults. When the program ended, I kept ties with DNR and the National Park Service, and have continued to work with them. Shortly after the program, I started working as a car photographer for Koons Toyota in Annapolis, and am working there currently along with my other freelance endeavors. In my spare time I am working on a photo and video project for the Lowside Motorcycle Syndicate and Motorcycle shop, located in the Remington neighborhood of Baltimore.”

~Scott Bradley ’14

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