Patrick R Pilkey



BFA in Photography – Class of 2014

“I graduated from MICA with a BFA in photography in 2014. At the time, I worked as a photographer for the Baltimore City Paper under Joe Giordano. After graduating, I left the paper and moved to New York to pursue an internship with photographer Mary Ellen Mark. Upon arriving, I began to intern at her studio in Soho as well as regularly assisting her on set.
I also began to work freelance as a photography assistant. and as a digital retoucher. During this time, I also worked as a behind the scenes set photographer for feature films such as Stereotypically You.
Three months after moving to New York, I landed a position as intern at National Geographic photographer Robert Clark’s studio. Not long after I began, I was moved from intern to Studio Assistant. Around this time, my internship with Mary Ellen Mark ended and I decided to stay in New York where I continued working for Robert Clark.
Recently, I have been promoted to Studio Manager for Robert Clark and work full time at his studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yards.
My duties mostly consist of managing the rental of the professional photography space in house, as well as acting as Robert’s First Assistant which includes editing, booking trips for National Geographic, and operating his photographic archive.
 I love my job…every day is a new and exciting adventure. Whether it’s thumbing through Robert’s archive of unbelievably beautiful and exotic photographs, to booking a Vogue shoot in the studio…there is never a dull moment. Although the position is taxing and requires a great deal of energy and time, I am still photographing and creating work as often as possible on my spare time.
I am currently working on a body of photographs about the culture of the American Appalachian region which was just featured online alongside an interview on Appalachian Appreciation. The end goal of the project is to complete and publish a book of the photographs. ”  – Patrick R Pilkey


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