Opening of Surveillance Blind exhibition and film series

Opening of Surveillance Blind

Thursday September 17th, 6 – 9PM

Goethe Institute, 812 7th Street NW, Washington, D.C.

(Metro: Gallery Place/Chintown)

Tell me I'm not making a mistake. Tell me you’re worth the wait. #fb
You are invited to the opening of “Surveillance Blind”. Featuring works by American artists AnnieLaurie Erickson, Nate Larson, Marni Shindelman, and John Vigg, and German artists Simon Menner (in attendance), and Jens Sundheim.

                                  As technology has evolved, so has our fundamental ways of understanding the world. Data and                                                    information flows around us, and is used to track our consumer habits, shape our identities, and mediate                                  our relationships to our nation states.

                                 The artists in this exhibition investigate the paradox of these connections, probing our relationship to                                        data collection and interpretation.

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