Unique curatorial position in Arlington…


“Palette22” Restaurant seeks curator


Palette22 Restaurant in Arlington, VA, is seeking a part-time curator of art for it’s new location. This is a 20 hour per week commitment with the ability to work off-site as well. More info follows:

• Palette22 will be a sister concept to Cafe Tu Tu Tango (in Orlando). The same DNA—Food, Art, Fun; small plates and working artists. But Palette22 will have a more modern design aesthetic, a larger bar area, and an expanded craft beer and cocktail program. And where Tango is a mix of tourists and locals, Palette22 is aimed squarely at the local community. That local focus is why we chose Shirlington Village to launch this concept. Shirlington functions as a real town center, boasting a new library, acclaimed live theater, AMC indie movie theater, kids’ activities, and other restaurants. People come to Shirlington for many reasons, and they come there a lot.

• Our Arts Program is a key part of our concept and our local orientation, which is why we have created a dedicated, 20 hrs per week, position to manage the program. It’s a mission critical role. And for the right person, it will be their dream job!

Principal Duties
*Act as liaison with the local arts community; recruit and coordinate our Artists-In-Residence; curate the art on display, keeping it fresh and exciting.
*Develop and manage other arts-related initiatives, such as art classes and arts-related merchandising (original art, limited edition t-shirts, cards, etc)
*Work closely with General Manager and other management team members on all arts-related initiatives.

*A positive attitude, respect for others, integrity at all times, and conscientious stewardship of this role and our brand.
*20 hours per week, we can be flexible to accommodate another job as long as it works for us too. We envision 10-12 hours at the restaurant for artist check ins, weekly meeting with GM, or new art installs. Balance of duties (artist scheduling, event planning) can be done remotely.
*Compensation: monthly salary plus % of arts and merchandise sales.
*Interested? Please send a resume to Jobs@Palette22.com

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