Parallax blog partnered with “PBS News Hour” seeks MICA student submissions

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 9.10.36 AM

                                                                                                            -Above sample from the Parallax blog site

This note was sent to the photography department, and we wanted to pass along the information about this unique opportunity to show your work, and express your thoughts and opinions. The following was sent from Corinne Segal, a reporter with PBS News Hour:


I wanted to reach out about an opportunity I’m developing for photography students. I’m an arts reporter at PBS NewsHour and helping NewsHour launch a new blog, Parallax, where photographers offer the unexpected stories behind their work. We’re looking for submissions that consist of one photo and 50 – 300 words of whatever photographers want to tell us: what catches their eye, what happened the moment before or after a shot was taken, what challenged them, what they still don’t know about a photo, or anything else.

I would especially love to feature new, emerging + experimental photography and prose. Anyone can email me at this address:

or message me on Instagram at @celsegal with submissions or questions.

Parallax \ noun \ par·al·lax \ˈpar-ə-ˌlaks. In photography, “parallax” describes the camera error that occurs when an image looks different through a viewfinder than how it is recorded by a sensor; when one camera gives two perspectives. Parallax is a blog where photographers offer the unexpected sides and stories of their work. Tell us yours or share on Instagram at #PBSParallax.”

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