New “FLEX SPACE” opens in MICA Photo Department!

Flex Space_Panorama1

Flex Space_Panorama2

We are so pleased to announce that the new “FLEX SPACE” is now open in the MICA Photography Department. This space was opened up as a result of the color darkroom overhaul. This new space features two new state-of-the-art digital projectors mounted to display on opposite walls. This will allow for a dedicated space to feature the  screening of student videos, a space for performances,  as well as serving as a lecture and film presentation space.

The majority of the use of this new space will serve as an “overflow” area for studio-based photography. Since we have many students enrolled in the current “Studio Lighting” course, this space will allow other students additional access to shoot in a controlled studio environment. You can now sign up for up to three hours of shooting time in the new space. The Flex-Space studio reservation sign-up book is now available in the photo crib. Please see the crib manager on duty to reserve a time to work in the new space. Please come see the new space, and get ready to make some amazing work!

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