The Wilgus Collection finds a future home at SMU


MICA Photo would like to recognize the long and dedicated careers of Jack and Beverly Wilgus, and their passion for collecting, documenting, archiving, and eventually teaching and lecturing about their extensive collection of early and current photographic history. Jack Wilgus served as the Chair of the Photography Department at MICA, and is the namesake of “The Wilgus Gallery” located in the Photo Dept.

It is with honor that we now announce that Jack and Beverly Wilgus have decided that they want a permanent home for their collection of photographic history to be housed as an accessible learning tool for all. Below is a quote from Jack making the announcement on Facebook:

“We built our collection as a history of photography teaching collection. In doing so we also learned many important things ourselves that can only be had by dealing with original photographic images and objects. As collectors we need to think about how our collections will survive after we can no longer take care of them. Beverly and I have made the decision to eventually give our collection to the DeGolyer Library at SMU (Southern Methodist University – Dallas, TX), where it can continue to be used as a teaching collection. We feel that as collectors we have a responsibility to maintain, care for, and plan the deaccession of the significant parts of our collection.”  – Jack Wilgus

Congratulations and continued best wishes to Beverly and Jack. Your generous decision will benefit instructors and students for many years to come.


~ Photo Courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine
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