* Reminder: Sign up NOW for Aperture visiting artist, Bruno Ceschel’s workshop! *

2nd Annual “Aperture Visiting Artist” Bruno Ceschel is offering a workshop…register TODAY!


Just a reminder…this special workshop is coming up SOON! Register today because space is limited for the workshop. Details below…

MICA Photo is pleased to welcome Aperture visiting artist, Bruno Ceschel, and to announce his recent publication of his new book (Aperture) “Self Publish, Be Happy: A DIY Photobook Manual and Manifesto”


Bruno will be conducting a two day workshop event while he is here that will take place on February 25 – 26th. He will also be doing an artist talk for the photo department during the evening on Thursday, February 25th. We are posting this information early so that we can encourage all who are interested to pre-register for the workshop. Space is limited to 15 due to the scope of the workshop so sign up today.

Pre-register for the workshop following these criteria:
  • Application will be comprised of a cover letter, resumé, and samples of work (5 pieces)
  • Combine above criterion into a single pdf file (use Adobe Acrobat)
  • Submit all above items in a single file via dropbox at: http://www.dropitto.me/micaphoto                                                                                                                              PASSWORD:    micauser

For the workshop the participants will need:

– Their laptop (and if they don’t have a laptop, a computer)
– A selection/edit of  (15-20) photographs they want to make into a book. Ideally, in the form of small photographic prints or printouts. It is ok also if they present them as a digital slideshow.

Each participant will be asked to present his/her project to the class on the first day.
– Low-res jpegs of ALL the photos of the series they want to make into a book.
– If their book project has other components (text, documents, drawings, etc), bring them to the workshop (digitised ideally).
– Photobooks they like and want to use as reference for thier own book project
– If they know how to use In-Design please come with the software installed in their laptop
– If they don’t know how to use In-Design please download the free Blurb book design software http://www.blurb.com/booksmart and install it on their laptop.
If registered students have a photo class during the workshop period, they will be excused for the workshop. If they have a class outside the department, they will have to discuss this with their faculty to cover any missed assignments and/or classwork.


Self Publish, Be Happy is an organization founded by Bruno Ceschel in 2010 that collects, studies and celebrates self-published photobooks through an ongoing program of workshops, live events and on/offline projects. Self Publish, Be Happy has organised events at a number of institutions around the world, including Tate Modern, The Photographer’s Gallery, ICA, Serpentine Galleries, C/O Berlin, Aperture Foundation and Kunsthal Charlottenborg amongst others.

Self Publish, Be Happy London-based collection contains more than 2,000 publications.

Self Publish, Be Happy is the physical manifestation of a worldwide online community formed of a new and ever-evolving generation of young artists, who experiment, stretch and play with the medium of photography.

The partnership between MICA Photo and Aperture Magazine is a continuing two year collaboration designed to enrich our current program of study at MICA while giving our students unique opportunities to meet with, and collaborate on projects, with a series of visiting artists. Aperture and MICA…working together for the future of photgraphy

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