Exciting Summer class available at UMBC

Wet Collodion class offered this Summer at UMBC…!


Our friends over at UMBC are offering a great Summer class for all of you into playing with alternative processes, and antique cameras. The class is a deep dive into the wet collodion, or “Tin-type” process. The class it listed as: “Art 369: Topics in Photography: Wet-Plate Collodion”. Its in the first summer session (May 31 – July 7) T/TH 9am -12:10. Description follows:

The Wet-Plate Collodion process is an intricate process which required the photographic material to be coated, sensitized, exposed and developed within the span of about fifteen minutes. This required a  darkroom close to the shooting studio or a portable darkroom for field use. The unpredictability of the process produces images that combine super fine sharpness with an ethereal mix of artifacts and imperfections. In this digital age, the tintype provides a refreshing counterpoint where photography approaches alchemy.

We will us a variety of cameras and shoot indoors and out in the field. We will develop in our darkrooms and by using portable dark boxes designed for use in the field. In this class students will learn all the steps needed to coat, sensitize, shoot, develop and varnish both tintypes and ambrotypes and how to make wet plate negatives for silver gelatin printing.

They are willing to accept dedicated photo students with at least a “Basic B&W” class under their belt. If you have any questions, just email the instructor, Chris Peregoy, at: 


Registration info can be found at:



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