“Open-House-Coffee-House” call for entries…

Call for entries…SHORT deadline!

unnamedThe Event:
On Thursday, October 6, 5-8pm, we are partnering with Tuerk House to present “Open-House-Coffee-House.” This event will include a variety of performances and activities, and also visual art displayed on easels (with information sheets for folks to read about what they are looking at). We have a “Save the Date” appended below.
The Art
We are looking for visual art that somehow makes sense to be shown connected to one of four themes:

Turbulent Waters: as adult eyes come off young people, addiction and mental illness rise. What are our experiences and understandings of these turbulent waters?

Candle Light: Sharing our pain and vulnerabilities around mental illness and substance use. At the heart of the New Day Campaign is the value of coming together as a community of individuals illuminating our personal stories.

Just Breathe: Trauma’s complexities and consequences, and finding paths for healing. People who experience trauma must navigate a foreign and frightening inner landscape; fertile ground for substance use and mental health problems.

Addiction Now: where addiction is today culturally, scientifically, clinically, and more. How do we as a society accelerate the changes we need to make at all levels of prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery for the health of all?

What You Should Do:
If you want to have your art be a part of this event, please reply right away! Send jpegs of images (or sample images) of what you have in mind, and a blurb to go with each explaining which theme the art connects to, and why.  From there, we will very quickly reply on if we want to include your art (and if not, why not), and we can begin a conversation on the logistics of working it out.
If you want us to consider including your image in the invitation (online announcement), respond by midnight Saturday, September 3. (Before then is even better!)
If you want to participate in the exhibition regardless of your image being included in the announcement, reply by September 15.
Questions or Clarifications?
Email or call me (410-916-3752) post-haste.
Thank you!

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