New semester….new staff!

Meet MICA Photo’s new staff members…



Well, we made it back to school, and we made it through the first week…Way to go, MICA! In an effort to welcome all of our students (old, new, and transfers), we wanted to make an official introduction of our new staff members for Fall 2016. You can obviously see our shining faces above, but we wanted to let you know who we are as well…

Heather Braxton:

Heather is a recent graduate (Class of 2016) of the MICA Graduate Program with her MFA in the “PEM” division (Photo & Electronic Media). She then participated in a residency program this past summer in Spain and will be teaching a Cross Practice Critique course for Graduate Studies this semester. Her cats are named “Andy & April”. She’s glad to help you, and will be happy to talk to you about her cats. Heather will usually be working nights & weekends.

Sara Hill:

Sara also received her MFA in Photographic and Electronic Media from MICA in 2015. She is originally from Tennessee. Sara works primarily in still imagery and mixed-media but she is also a classically trained clarinetist. She also has a cat named “Hank” who she loves to talk about! Sara teaches various workshops for the PEM MFA program and also teaches for the Open Studies department at MICA. Sara is the Assistant Photo Lab Manager, and her shifts run Monday through Friday from 8AM – 4PM.

Tao Ho:

Tao is also is a recent graduate (Class of 2016) of the MICA Graduate Program with his MFA in the “PEM” division (Photo & Electronic Media). Tao has a passion for working in the black & white darkroom. He also has a “hidden talent”…he was the lead vocalist & bass player for a death-metal band back in China where he is originally from. Tao will also be working primarily over the nights & weekends.


Emma Mattson:

Emma is a recent graduate of Towson University where she earned her BFA as a photo major. Emma is a photographer, but she is also a mixed-media sculptor. She works on tiny embroidery pieces that employ natural elements such as mosses, lichens, and twigs. She is currently working on a much larger scale commission piece for a client who lives in Singapore. She has a black Pomeranian, and she would love to tell you about him! You will find Emma working mostly on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday nights.


Jefferson Steele:

While Jefferson is not “new” to MICA, he did officially take over as the Photography Lab Manager this past May. Jefferson earned his BFA from MICA in Photography. He worked for over 25 years as a freelance photographer, and has taught classes at two other colleges as well as at MICA. He is a passionate traveler, and is currently planning a photo trip to Asia in 2017. Jefferson works during the week from 8AM-4PM, Monday through Friday.


Please keep an eye on the blog for exciting news about upcoming events, opportunities, and even more chances for student engagement in our social media platforms!

We welcome all of you back to MICA, and we want to wish you

the best of luck in the coming Fall semester!



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