New lighting possibilities…

New flash units available for check-out!



We have some new lighting to tell you about…

First, we have created six small flash kits for you to borrow that are extremely useful for light-weight, on-the-go, shooting situations. Each kit contains a flash with a built-in infra-red slave trigger, a remote controlled radio flash trigger & receiver, light stand with grounding spikes, umbrella, umbrella/flash holder,  mini gels, bounce flash attachment, and even a removable grid spot for controlling the light beam.  This versatile kit comes contained in a single, over-the shoulder bag that weighs only a couple of pounds!

Second, we have purchased another new Dynalite Baja Strobe kit. This adds to the two other Baja kits we currently have for loaner use. The Baja Kit is a powerful, versatile, portable flash kit with two 400 Watt strobe heads in each kit. These versatile kits are AC/DC compatible and are great for location shooting where a power outlet is not an option. The heads have a small modeling light, and they can be discharged using a remote trigger. Each head has a detachable reflector that can accommodate a set of included grid spots. All kits come with an instruction guide.

We also received a donated Nikon SB-24 Speedlight flash. This flash unit expands our inventory of off-camera flashes, and is very easy to use in the “manual” mode. So come by, and get all “FLASHY”!


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