Artist, Adam Golfer, visits MICA Photo

Adam Golfer to present his work for MICA Photo students…


MICA Photo is pleased to announce a visit by artist, Adam Golfer. Adam will be presenting his new work “House Without a Roof” at MICA on Wednesday, October 19th, at 4:15PM in room “M 010”. Adam will present again on Thursday, October 20th, at 9:00AM in “M 010”.We encourage you to attend one of these lectures, and ask questions of Adam at the end of his talk.

“House Without a Roof”: A photography book which negotiates the contested, and deeply complex historical narratives of Israel and Palestine.

“Three years ago, I began photographing the landscape of Israel and Palestine, to investigate my biographical connection to these fractured histories. What has evolved from this project is a book that negotiates the contested and deeply complex historical narratives of Israel and Palestine, Germany and the United States, and weaves together a story of identity and memory. The project utilizes photographs, archival objects and cultural artifacts of the Levant, WWII and the diasporas which resulted, to challenge historical perspective and provoke questions about the way histories are recorded, refracted and retold. “A House Without a Roof,” probes both my personal relationship to these chronologies, and the manner in which we look at photographs and draw conclusions about the mythologies inside of them.” ~ Adam Golfer

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