“Business Matters” – a primer on professional practices

Career Development hosts an event focusing on the intersection of Art & Business…


Career Development is hosting a 2 day conference and bootcamp that will cover topics surrounding professionalism, and trade practices. Approximately 50% of MICA alumni will be self-employed entrepreneurs at some point of their careers, so Career Development has created an experience that will give you insights into business and how to plan and launch your ideas. This is a fantastic, low cost opportunity to learn some of the skills you may need now or post graduation. Join us at Business Matters! Space is limited, so we encourage you to register early.

Nov 5th & 6th | Leake Hall
Registration Required

Have a business idea? Sign Up for Business Matters, an energetic two day entrepreneurship conference and start-up
bootcamp designed to help plan, launch, and grow your business.
Day 1 – Attend the conference and learn business basics, hear from experts, network with entrepreneurs and more! Schedule coming soon!
Day 2 – Get hands on with a boot camp where you can apply what you learn to your own idea, make a plan for your business and GO!

Registration Required. CLICK HERE to register online!

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