Mary Virginia Swanson to host workshop

Mary Virginia Swanson hosts her workshop: “ART SMARTS: Your Career as an Artist”


Mary Virginia Swanson – workshop

* ART SMARTS: Your Career as an Artist *

Sunday, November 13

Room: Main 110

Time: 12:00 – 5:00 pm

 This workshop will offer creative marketing advice to

help you understand essential elements of a career as

an visual artist, as well as gain a broad understanding

of the art market and how the ‘machine’ functions. 

This workshop is open to all Photography Majors & Concentrators. 

 Mary Virginia Swanson is an author, educator, and consultant who helps artists find the strengths in their work, identify appreciative audiences, and present their work in an informed, professional manner. Her seminars and lectures on marketing opportunities aid photographers in moving their careers to the next level. Swanson is the Executive Director of LOOK3, a recipient of the 2013 Focus Lifetime Achievement Award from the Griffin Museum of Photography, and the 2014 Susan Carr Award for Education from the American Society of Media Photographers. The Society for Photographic Education named her the 2015 Honored Educator. Swanson’s books include:

The Business of Photography: Principles and Practices; Publish Your Photography Book (revised edition, 2014) coauthored with Darius Himes; Finding Your Audience: An Introduction to Marketing Your Photographs.

 Workshop Participant Testimonials:

“This was an amazingly informative workshop on marketing ones photo images, and various routes one might explore in the marketing process.”

 “So chalk full of information and inspiration that you will need the next month to process it and put it into action! MVS brings it and empowers you to take your next step.”

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