Ian Kline has work featured in Skylab Gallery

MICA Photo student Ian Kline has work currently installed at the Skylab Gallery…


MICA Photo is proud to announce that Ian Kline has a show currently running at the Skylab Gallery…

“It all happened so quickly; we all ended up at this house on the edge of the city. How it got there, how we got there, was the confusing part. It was as if by moving here we went through a black hole that spit us into what was supposed to be this perfect place; but within this perfect place there was a darkness lurking right outside of the yard, slowly creeping in. The only thing I knew was that I’d be leaving shortly after the leaves fell.”

Skylab Gallery


Ian Kline’s 812 photographs were made at a time of in-between, a time of confusion, hesitation, and quiet tension. Ian Kline wishes he could go back, but he knows he has already moved out.

Skylab Gallery

57 E Gay St, Fl 5th, Columbus, Ohio 43215