“Elsewhere” seeks interns/resident artists

“Elsewhere” now accepting applications for artist residencies & internships…



Internships at Elsewhere offer a creative and professional opportunity to work within a dynamic alternative arts organization run by a small artist/curatorial-team. Elsewhere interns assist curators and directors with organizational, artistic, and community based projects that advance the living museum. Interns support the curatorial team in areas of artistic production, museum programs, education, communication, and nonprofit administration.

We welcome applications from dedicated, helpful visionaries interested in supporting Elsewhere’s staff and artists to build a more collaborative, creative world. This internship is good for post undergraduate age applicants with a dedication to creative culture and arts administration. There is a long history of exceptional interns who have left their mark at Elsewhere. Each season we strive to create a dynamic ensemble that helps run the museum, deliver programs, connect with audiences, and participate in the experience of living at Elsewhere.  Through an internship we hope to provide you with an understanding of the workings of an experimental alternative non-profit arts organization and pick up skills that might leverage you for a life in the arts. Interns participate in a collaborative work environment, learn from fellow creatives, and acquire access to an international network of Elsewhere alumni. Elsewhere interns have gone on to work at other small and large arts institutions, design agencies, and non-profit community organizations.

There are 3 Internship sessions during the Winter, Summer and Fall. Each session is 3-4 months. Interns commit to 20-32 hrs per week. A limited number of housing spots are available for interns who wish to live on-site. Onsite interns must contribute 32 hours a week in order to receive free housing. Access to the food co-op which provides a locally sourced, fully stocked vegetarian pantry, equipped kitchen, and prepared dinners 5 days is available for $50/ week.



Pioneer Winter, A Love To Last 13 Hours, 2016, 13 hour performance with recordings.


Residencies invite artists working across media, fields, disciplines, and administrations to create projects that activate Elsewhere’s ‘living’ museum. Residents live and work within the museum for 2-4 weeks creating site-specific, responsive work that explores the museum environment, surplus inventories, cultural histories, social systems, neighborhood communities, and past artworks.

Residents have access to the enormous collection of past projects, textiles, toys, books, consumer technologies, clothes, brik-a-brac, and general thrift for transformation. A curatorial team stewards the creative process and collection use, provides critical feedback, supports artist events, and facilitates connections with Greensboro neighbors and Elsewhere’s national artist network.

Makers and organizers with an interest in participation, performance, reuse, public practice, social engagement, intersectional critique, urban intervention, and experimental living are an excellent fit for this program. Artists working across media (sound, video, installation, performance, conceptual art, painting, social engagement) and fields (researchers, curators, scholars, activists, designers, writers, musicians, puppeteers, gardeners, homesteaders, system-thinkers, game-makers) are encouraged to apply.

Residencies host six artists for any given session. Residencies have a program + living fee. A small number of fellowships are available for curated residency sessions. At times, Elsewhere utilizes a nomination process and recommendations from leaders in our field in an effort to broaden and strengthen our application pool. Collectives and collaborative groups are welcome to apply.

Artists new to our organization are encouraged to review all tabs on this page and peruse our website to acquire deep knowledge about Elsewhere and what we offer.

Applications for 2017/18 seasons are due Saturday, February 11, 2017 11:59pm EST.


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