Gallery Exhibition Challenges for Artists

George Ciscle to visit MICA Photo’s Galleries to discuss challenges & alternatives in smaller spaces…


THIS FRIDAY…please come, and invite other artists to partake in this informative discussion!

Please join the UGS Division of Design and Media for a series of short gallery talks with George Ciscle, MICA’s Curator-in-Residence. The talks take place this Friday, March 31, and will focus on the challenges that often face artists and curators when they try to exhibit work in less-than-optimum gallery spaces.

Learn how to exhibit artwork in tight and awkward spaces. Build strategies for addressing uncontrollable light and overbearing architecture. Consider presentation options for non-traditional gallery media such as interactive pieces, animation, projections, and design work.

These talks are open to the entire MICA community, but are aimed particularly at student artists and curators who are learning to navigate unpredictable gallery settings, at MICA and elsewhere. Feel free to attend all three talks, or drop in and out as you like.


9:00am – Bronze Gallery (Brown, 3rd Floor)
• Exhibiting Design in Spaces Made for Art
• Working with Open Public Spaces

10:30am – Rosenberg Gallery (Brown, 2nd Floor)
• Talking about Animation and Moving Images
• Documents as Artifacts

1:00pm – Main Gallery and Wilgus Gallery (Main, Ground Floor)
• Projection and Sound
• Spaces That Are Barely Spaces

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