Open Studies Summer class

Upcoming Summer class (3 credits) offered through Open Studies…Register now!


Simko_MICA_Interdisciplinary Methods_2018

Nick Simko| Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri | 9am – 1pm | May 16 – June 7 | 16 sessions | 3 credits | $1,650

Course Description:

Using photography as a point of entry, this course will explore the complex roles that photographic image-making plays across disciplines. Students will be assigned thematic projects that consider a wide variety of interdisciplinary approaches, including but not limited to: process-based image-making, performance and the camera, images as sculptural objects, text and image, photo-as-design, experimental processes, bookmaking, digital imaging techniques, video, and site-specific installation. Each student will cultivate their own practical, conceptual, and material methods in response to in-class technical instruction, artist presentations, readings, class discussions, and critique. The course will culminate in a self-directed final project that reflects each student’s personal engagement with photography in relation to their own interdisciplinary practice. Prerequisites: No prerequisite. Open to all disciplines.  Note: No class on May 28.

Above still: Janine Antoni, Touch, 2002, Color video, sound (projection); 9:36 min. loop


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