unnamedCharlotte Duncan

Class of 2017

After graduation in 2017, Duncan moved to Lincolnville, Maine to work as a program coordinator, environmental educator, mentor, and photographic documenter for Tanglewood 4-H Learning Center. Duncan spent the summer creating logistic flow sheets, providing medical care to kids, and taking pictures of the mundane and exciting aspects of camp. In the fall Duncan started her career in emergency medical services in Rockport, Maine. At work, coworkers asked Duncan why she was there when they learned she went to art school. At school people asked the same, as if they were mutually exclusive and each thought the other was better.

Duncan sees her photography degree at MICA as a degree in critical thinking, with the bonus of a technical skill. It is a degree in observing instead of looking, creating a picture, and learning to critique oneself and others. These invaluable skills transferred to how she perceives emergency medicine. It is figuring out what tools she has in her mental and physical toolbox to treat a person, the same way she thinks about an image when she investigates interesting light and finds the right crop. Each field is puzzle for your eyes and brain, and Duncan loves them both. EMS has taught Duncan to be conservative when taking an image: quality over quantity. Duncan’s recent work, titled “decisive after __”  focuses on documenting after a critical call. Some calls resulted in death, some were stable patients that made a critical impact on Duncan. This is the only time Duncan has searched for an image to take, as a silent reminder of each experience. This project is the first documentary series of work for herself and perhaps her coworkers who don’t yet know they need it.

Duncan continues her “studio” practice at work, compiling images and reflecting on each experience. Duncan was recently published with her sister, Alanna Duncan, in Entropy Magazine. Duncan’s photograph titled decisive #17: after jd appeared next to A. Duncan’s writing titled: Everyone Around You is Hungry For Something. Duncan updates her website frequently, using it as her platform to share.

Duncan is currently in Advanced EMT school and plans to continue her work as the health care coordinator and documenter at Tanglewood 4-H this summer.



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