Alumni in the field

See MICA Photo Alum Daniel Shea’s photographs in “Lens Culture”…


Spread from the book “43-35 10th Street” © Daniel Shea

Daniel Shea (Class of 2007) has been featured in an article for “Lens Culture”. Please check out the article (excerpted below), and see his photographs featured in the article. Congratulations, Daniel!

“Entanglement vs. distance: it’s an old problem in photography. While the camera was initially seen as a cold machine—an objectifying lens that froze nature into perversely still frames—it eventually came to be recognized as a means of engaging with the world, a tool for expression. A passport, a passageway, a context for connection. A drive for intimacy which led to Robert Capa’s famous admonition to “get closer.”

This problem is not limited to photography—all artists are caught in the same bind. Does the artist maintain a remove from his or her subjects, cultivating independence from the systems that surround them so that they can critique and question freely? Or are they as implicated as the rest of us, drawn into the market like any other producer?

These questions run through the work of the New York-based artist Daniel Shea. His latest book, 43-35 10th Street, takes its title from an address in his neighborhood of Long Island City in Queens, New York. The area, which in the past 15 years has transformed from a moribund industrial zone into a gleaming thicket of residential towers, provides Shea with the jumping-off point to think about seismic ideological and socioeconomic changes: gentrification, deindustrialization, the intensifying effects of capitalism and more. Indeed, in all of Shea’s work, the micro and macro run together fluidly: a single image can represent the path he’s chosen through life; the contours of his artistic career reflect tectonic shifts in the landscape of Western economies the world over…”

~ Excerpt courtesy of Lens Culutre, by Alexander Strecker.

Daniel Shea’s photographs click HERE

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