Opening Reception Tonight: Lindsay Bottos showing at Current Space

Sweet Sweat…

Current Space is proud to present Sweet Sweat, a solo exhibition by Lindsay Bottos. Please join us for the opening reception on Friday night, 7-10pm.


Opening Reception: July 6th, 7-10pm
Exhibition Duration: July 6th – 28th
Gallery Hours: Friday + Saturday, noon – 4pm


Sweet Sweat focuses on faded relationships; comparing images of past loved ones to my first home in the deep Florida south. Bittersweet nostalgia is the theme of this tender, yet melancholy series.

Sweet sweat
Deep muggy south
You romanticize it,
But do you know
What it means?

Alligator nightmares
They teach us patterns to run
In order to escape

An inherited punishment

An old lady grabs my shoulders
And tells me “I’m so happy you’ve made it out”
But ain’t it all sunshine all the time?

We tailgate the sunrise
Slurpie-stained blue mouths
Thick humidity in our chests

I lick sweet sweat from your fingers
Wish you would
Cover me in more of you
Spit contentment into my mouth

Have you ever felt
The heat kiss your neck?
The wind lick your ear?
Do you like to peel your
Sweaty thighs from
Vinyl seats?

Let’s drink from the eternal fountain
(Admission $12.99)
So we can stay young forever
And never change

I say I’ll drive across the country to meet you there
You say “that’s dumb, stop it”
But really I just wanted you
To tell me
You wanted me there

Lindsay Bottos is a photographer and writer who’s work focuses on issues surrounding intimacy and personal narratives. Her work has been featured in various galleries in the US and abroad, on network television, and most notoriously online.

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