Summer Teaching Opportunity

Putney School in Vermont seeks Summer instructors…

We seek individuals who are passionate about learning, eager to work with this age group, and who are willing to explore something new in their teaching practice. This is an amazing opportunity for teachers who are enthusiastic about engaging in dialogue about teaching and learning with a dynamic group of summertime colleagues on our 500-acre campus in Vermont.

Come to Putney this summer and do what you love to do – whether it’s something you wish you could do all the time – like filmmaking, theater, or drawing, or something you’ve never tried before and are curious to learn about – like glass arts, weaving, or metal jewelry.

“At Putney, students focus on their individual creative process, not final products. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll find yourself in a community of students, teachers, and artists who are interested in who you are, how you see the world, and what your work means to you.” – Statement for students

We look forward to hearing from you. Here’s information about the program and a link to the summer employment application

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