MICA Photo faculty member shows in Germany

Lynn Silverman exhibits in Hamburg, Germany…

MICA Photo faculty, Lynn Silverman, is currently exhibiting work in a group exhibition in Hamburg, Germany. The exhibition is entitled, “Outlook-Insight: Windows in the Arts”. Lynn’s recent work has centered around windows and light as visual metaphor. 

Poster announcement for exhibition, “Outlook-Insight: Windows in the Arts”, in Hamburg, Germany.

Here is a statement from the curators:  “The window has played an important role in the visual perception of the world. As a mediating threshold, as a frame, the window reveals details of the surroundings, while at the same time providing insights into intimacy and privacy. As a point of contact with the outside world, the window is crucially involved in our relationship with landscape and nature.  Contemporary art explores this opening from inside and outside, exploring boundaries and permeability. The mutual views, which can be interrupted and disturbed by window glass through reflections, are as much in focus as the light itself, which is able to cross the glass barrier. The reality of nature on “the other side” is also questioned. The window becomes an artistic experimental field in which the relationships between inside and outside, reality and deception are explored. On the occasion of its reopening, the Museum Sinclair-Haus shows contemporary films, photographs, installations, paintings, drawings and silhouettes around the window.”

Lynn Silverman’s work installed in Hamburg gallery.

Congratulations, Lynn!

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