Opening Reception tomorrow

Kurt Guo to exhibit in the Piano Gallery…

MICA Photo is pleased to announce that the opening reception for Kurt Guo’s newest installation, “/metadata:” is being held this Friday evening from 5-7PM in the Piano Gallery located in the Meyerhoff Building.  

In these video installations, he explores the topic of social surveillance and it’s effect on human perception. He is interested in how people react differently when they are aware that they are constantly being watched. Through the installation is composed with readymade objects, videos and performances, he puts the audiences in a position to rethink the world they live in. In this immersive surreal environment made possible by digital manipulation of images, the viewers think critically about the reality which we are living in—the age of mass data and surveillance. 

/metadata: Piano Gallery 140 W Lafayette Ave. Baltimore, MD 21217 United States 

Reception: 03/01, 5pm-7pmExhibition on view 02/25 through 03/22

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