Internship opportunity

BmoreArt seeks intern for summer 2019…

BmoreArt, a local arts & culture publication, is currently looking for a photo/video intern to learn some marketing skills with me and immediately thought of your department. Positions are paid, or for credit at the student’s choice.

About BmoreArt:

BmoreArt is a community-based art publication that reflects the culture of Baltimore and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia. We provide creative and critical coverage of Baltimore’s cultural landscape and work with a diverse team of local writers, editors, and artists. The award-winning art magazine exists online and in print, and engages through social media and events.

We believe that Baltimore’s culture producers and creative makers deserve to be discussed, critiqued, and informed. BmoreArt covers the arts of the region on a daily basis and presents it to an engaged audience that is both local and global. Our mission is to build awareness, equity, and community through critical dialogue about art and culture.

Link for internship application:

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